halloween & arboretum

This year we (Chase came up with the idea and I executed) dressed up as NINJA Turtles! It was a super home-made, super cheap, last minute costume and I was pretty happy with how they turned out!

COWABUNGA DUDE! (i just love Chloe and her little num-chucks!)

our sweet little Ninja Turtle girls

Chase was on cloud 9 getting to dress up, play with swords and teach the girls about his all time favorite childhood show! It was fun to see him share the love with his girls. This may have been our last year to tell them what they are going to dress up like for Halloween, so we took advantage of it 😉

Halloween 2015

We met up with Mario and Captain America (the cousins & family) to trick-or-treat around the square in downtown Denton.

It was crazy and there were SO many people out! Lydia loved seeing everyone dressed up and kept pointing and telling us, “look there is a dog, or a princess, or cow! etc” The girls didn’t get much candy, but it was still fun.. we like community events like this, even if it was a bit nutty.

After trick-or-treating Nanny and Papa treated the girls to some chocolate milk on tap at a local coffee shop! They didn’t stop sipping till it was all gone! This might be a new family tradition!

Lydia at 3 years old is smart, loving, sensitive, talkative, has a great imagination (play with imaginary friends, animals, etc), is ALWAYS moving, loves to love and play with her “baby” seester, loves to dance, draw, color, play tea party, have playdates with her friends and cousins, has the best cheesy smile for the camera, is super goofy, and just a real sweet heart.

Halloween night we had our friends over for Chili, trick-or-treated around the neighborhood and passed out candy. It was super low-maintence and was fun to see Lydia & Chloe pass out candy to the neighborhood kids. Lydia kept saying, “Hello trick-or-treaters! Want some treats?!”


Boompa and Grandma came in town the next weekend to give Chase and I TWO date nights!! (thank you again!!) So on Friday we decided to check out the Dallas Arboretum and the pumpkins that were still left there!

Chloe at 18 months… she is sweet, spunky, curious, makes the most adorable faces, is trying to talk, loves loves here sister, is INDEPENDENT with a mind and plan of her own that is ever changing and never the same, hates wearing bibs and pushing up her sleeves, loves her pappy (pacci), loves to read, and is the best little smuggler there ever was!

sisters and pumpkins are the best

a carriage in the pumpkins

We had a great day seeing beautiful flowers, enjoying the gorgeous weather and watching the girls run around and try to pick the flowers!


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