desert days

I have been meaning to post several times in the past week, but every time I sat down to do it I had to go do something else, so I just decided to do a recap on a bunch of different things…

1. I picked up my Kandora (Arab women dress- that I had made with my neighbor). I really like the way it turned out! Even if Chase said I looked like I was wearing a curtain… Also, on a side note, I wore it to go show my neighbors and even though it is made of cotton it is super hot! I don’t know how the women wear what they wear out here.

not really into the whole modeling thing, but wanted you to see my dress!

2. Our friends had us over the other morning for breakfast and we had pancakes & peanut butter! I actually had never cared for the combination until that day. I am not sure if it was because it was with peanut butter from the states (Peter Pan) or if it was because of the homemade pancakes she made, but it was good!

3. Peanut Butter cups! I found a recipe to make these from scratch. And to my surprise they turned out great and tasted like the real deal! Next time I hope to make them look prettier- not sure how to make the chocolate melt to where it smoothly pours- any suggestions?

4. Study break. Last month we stayed in our town (which is small) for an entire month. I sound spoiled, but I really needed a change of scenery so when it was time to do a Visa hop we headed down to Sohar. We had a great refreshing visit with friends and got to do a little studying at Costa Coffee!

5. This week we have had a break from school. And so we decided to head up to Dubai with some friends. We split a hotel room and had coupons for dinner to save money. It was one of the best trips we have had to this city. Normally when we go there we have been busy looking for our car, shopping, fighting traffic, and getting lost. We had a restful trip this time, despite me losing (or getting it stolen) by I-pod touch, forgetting to take my camera to the beach, and getting locked out of our house when we came home!

Pool on the roof of our hotel

Where we spent our mother’s day… Chilis! We thought of you moms as we ate yummy chips & salsa! Thank you for all you have done for us- for your love, care, and prayers. We love you!

Water show at the Dubai Mall- crazy how fancy this place is.

Texas Roadhouse coming to the Middle East!

Pedicures and coffee with my friend for her birthday! Thankful you were born & glad I got to celebrate with you!

The kids watching Aladdin while the grown-ups packed!

We are thankful for this week of rest & time with friends & excited to finish our semester of Arabic strong- only 6 more weeks of our first semester here- hard to believe how fast it is going.

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    4 Responses to desert days

    1. Marcella says:

      I love your dress! You look great! I am glad you have some familiar restaurants out there. I am sure it is so fun to be in a new place with everything new and different to see and try, but it is really nice to have little reminders of home.

    2. Glenda McGough says:

      Britt, the dress is beautiful, very Middle Eastern. You look so pretty! Sounds like you have had a nice relaxing week. Hey, who’s that big kid watching Aladdin? Surely he’s big enough to help the adults pack! The water flowing under the bridge is a spectacular color of blue. Did y’all get to swim in the pool? Yea Texas Roadhouse, and Chili’s!

    3. jennogreen says:

      thanks for the update!!!!

    4. Hannah says:

      You look amazing in that dress! Love it :). So glad you two are exploring and meeting new friends! Love you both!