catch up for Chloe (part 1)

Our sweet Chloe is 15 months old now and I have made it a goal to try and catch up with her first year on here! I have the pictures on my computer, but haven’t done anything with them. I am trying to not be hard on myself and just take it one post at a time, but I know that I really want to be able to look back at these pictures and little stories of Chloe to remember… they are growing up so quickly! Some days it hurts my heart to see how quickly they are changing and growing, but it also brings such joy to my heart. I am so thankful I get to be their momma and part of these years. I know that I take it for granted and waste a lot of time looking at social media and trying to make my house perfect… I don’t want to loose these years, these moments, these memories, these snuggles… Lord, help me to do the best I can each day and to do it with a thankful heart and for your glory.

So here is to catching up!

We got to spend the week before Christmas in Albuquerque with Gigi, Jaju, Aunt Brooke, Uncle Clint, Landon, Claire, Aunt Aubrey, and Uncle Nate. It was so much fun (hoping for a post of this later). We spent Christmas Eve and Day in our home- I got to host Christmas Eve with Nanny and Papa, Boompa and Grandma. It was a blessed time.

Chloe’s first Christmas¬†

She had her first hair cut on December 18 by Gigi! Her hair is gorgeous and continues to be a mess and in her face most of the time.

Chloe loves to swing… her smile is infectious

Chloe got RSV on January 7 and we started breathing treatments. It was so sad to see her sick, but she was still a smiley happy baby girl. This month was hard for me because we had to start supplementing formula to add more calories to her diet. She did really well with it and learned how to hold a bottle by herself! This was a humbling time for me because I used to have a negative view about formula (which I shouldn’t have… it was my sin for thinking that nursing was better and the only way to feed your child, the Lord really showed me and humbled me about what it meant to provide and care for my kids) I apologize to all my formula feeding momma friends- you are doing what is best for your babies and using what the Lord has provided and doing a great job at that.

We put up hooks on the outside of our garage to hang our swing so the girls could swing at home… they love it, especially Chloe.

Lydia loves playing with her baby sister and is always thinking of ways to make her smile and laugh. I love seeing them interacting with each other.

Happy New Year!! 2015 is gonna be a great one!


Started army crawling (mostly backward) on January 22!


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    2 Responses to catch up for Chloe (part 1)

    1. Georgia says:

      How fun to catch up! They are beautiful little blessings for sure.

    2. Aunt Pat says:

      This is a great start. Chloe is so cute and antimated. She is a seeker of joy.