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365 for 2014- new location

I started a 365 photo project again for this year! I am so excited to use my camera again and learn new things, plus capture everyday things. However, I decided to post these pics on Flickr this year. It is much easier to upload them and keep them all together in one spot.

Check them out and follow me here! Hope you enjoy and that I can keep up with it this year 🙂

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    365 fail

    So as I am sure you have gathered (those of you who still read this… sorry posts have been so sparse lately… life has been crazy, we don’t have great internet to upload pics, and when Liddy sleeps I usually don’t have the energy or will power to blog..) that I quit my 365 from this year…

    Going home to the states for two months and being in my first trimester there with a one-year old traveling around and living with people did me in. I slowly stopped taking a picture a day, let alone put them on the computer to edit and then post… Hope to start one again someday, but I have decided to give myself grace and be ok with the fact that this in not the season for it.

    Hoping to post pics from Lydia’s 4, yes 4 birthday parties she had to celebrate her first year soon- she is one loved little girl! But for now I will leave you with this pic. I took it on our drive from Dallas to west Texas… I feel like it depicts the drive really well..

    “Surely goodness and mercy will pursue me all the days of my life.” Psalm 23:6

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      19: dancing with dad

      20: “sha-la” (head covering)

      21: returning full plates to our neighbor- when you receive plates of food from neighbors you always return them full….

      22: fatoosh salad- yummy goodness

      23: pool fun-love these girls to pieces

      24: morning coffee view… not to shabby

      25: silly faces at pizza hut

      26: nanny & papa’s

      27: breakfast with papa

      28: Starbucks at the hospital

      29: Sunrise— God is faithful and worthy to be praised!

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        all new 365

        I am starting a 365 project again! I am super excited to pull my camera out on a more regular basis and hope to improve in my skills as well as document the everyday again.


        1: Sunrise over the ocean on the first day of Ramadan

        2: Lunchtime… salmon salad= delicious

        3: afternoon walk with the fam

        4: power outage- thankful for close neighbors to eat lunch with

        5: a little QT on the porch

        6: drink to break fast during Ramadan

        7: late night visits

        8: my fav- chai tea: black tea with rainbow milk & lots of sugar

         9: rubber ducky from our hotel stay in Dubai

        10: 5 years with my love

        11: ocean view swimming

        12: lots of laundry after vacation (well everyday actually…)

        13: what a great way to wake up! FaceTiming with Gramzi

        14: family photo shoot with Jord

        15: lunchtime… turkey sandwich with guacamole, pepper jack cheese and tomato = perfection

        16: love the way a clean house feels

        17: happy birthday to jord- celebrated with her fav: a fall party in July!

        18: fashion show- sweet smile

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          December 16 – December 31

          Finishing up my 365 from last year… better late than never right? This was a super fun project, I feel like I learned a lot and I love that I have a daily record of the last year of our lives! Looking forward to starting up again next month!

          December 16: fall mixed with winter… love that we got to be in the states for both

          December 17: bath time for sweet Landon

          December 18: cousin play time

          December 19: Christmas card stuffing day

          December 20: love how this picture shows real life! gosh, I love this little boy!

          December 21: “Christmas Day” in Albuquerque

          December 22: driving back to Texas

          December 23: back in dallas for Christmas!

          December 24: Jesus, the light of the world

          December 25: white Christmas in Dallas!

          December 26: there is something super tasty about coffee with plain creamer at breakfast diners

          December 27: snuggles with nanny

          December 28: Mimi, Chase’s grandma came in town just to hold miss Lydia

          December 29: three generations

          December 30: view from my sister’s kitchen window in her newly remodeled house… love that we got to spend a week together here

          December 31: Happy New Years and Cheers to finishing my 365 picture project!

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            December 7 – December 15

            ok so I realize the year is already over… therefore I am way behind. Something about having a 3 month old and being in a different city every week has caused this…

            so instead of being stressed out about it (not that I was- ha) I have decided (thanks for the idea Brooke) to take the month of January to finish posting the rest of 2012’s 365 and then start on 2013’s 365 in February (or march)! This way I am not overwhelmed with being super behind and I can still do another 365 this year without feeling behind already. I hope to not let myself get so behind next year… but if I do I am going to give myself grace & continue to enjoy growing in photography & taking random pics of my sweet pea & our everyday life.

            December 7: nails with Nanny… she slept through the entire 2 hours we were at the nail salon!

            December 8: I love local coffee shops esp when we get to meet sweet friends at them

            December 9: tex-mex

            December 10: woke up to a light dusting of snow… love!

            December 11: DION’S… I have been waiting for you green chile ham pizza with ranch dressing!!

            December 12: meeting cousin Landon… I promise Lydia was excited to met him!

            December 13: kisses from Boompa

            December 14: meeting Autie Aub for the first time

            December 15: gorgeous mountains + sunset+ snow + adobe houses = home sweet home

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              November 28 – December 6

              still catching up…

              I am trying out a new photo editing program (Adobe Lightroom) and I am really enjoying it! I know there is so much more I can do with it, but I want to catch up with my 365 for 2012 before 2013 starts.. maybe for my 365 for 2013 I will work on my editing skills?… anyway, its been fun to have a nicer program to edit pics in. Enjoy! Slowly, but surely I will catch up!

              November 28: i love Christmas

              November 29: Lydia loves sucking on daddy’s thumb!

              November 30: Lydia’s frist rain storm

              December 1: photo shoot with our besties

              December 2: my carry-on items look much differently these days…

              December 3: 2 months!

              December 4: America! Meeting Nanny & Papa for the first time… this one makes me tear up

              December 5: Texas sunsets… you have been missed- love this view from Chase’s parent’s backyard

              December 6: Target + Starbucks + new pants + hubby= perfect first date back in America (Liddy got to stay home with Nanny & Papa- thanks!)

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                November 20 – November 27


                November 20: my first photo shoot with this adorable girl & her family

                November 21: crafting for thanksgiving

                November 22: Happy Thanksgiving!

                November 23: yummy drinks at my dear friend’s baby shower

                November 24: first sick day… got a hang of using the bugger sucker

                November 25: a day for Christmas decorating

                November 26: things are starting to bloom in the desert this time of year

                November 27: cinnamon rolls & coffee with my sweet neighbor

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                  November 4- November 19

                  Oh my goodness I am feeling super overwhelmed with catching up with my 365! I had a brief moment in thinking I would quit… not for lack of taking pictures, but for lack of going though them, deleting them, editing them, and then finally posting them! Oh how I wish I didn’t get so far behind…

                  Attempting to catch up…

                  November 4: staring contest with the balloons

                  November 5: weather is finally nice enough for a morning walk

                  November 6: this girl loves reptiles, animals, & bugs of all sorts

                  November 7: Happy Birthday to one of my local friends

                  November 8: Lydia’s first tea party

                  November 9: orange spice tea- new favorite

                  November 10: visiting some local friends- she is always a huge hit

                   November 11: Lydia’s 40th day of life

                  November 12: bubbles

                  November 13: mini dessert bar for Traci’s birthday

                  November 14: first play date

                  November 15: getting some work done with dad

                  November 16: Chase has perfected his omelet making skills

                  November 17: out for a walk with mom in our yard

                  November 18: its beginning to look a lot like Christmas in our local grocery store (first time I have seen Christmas decor in our town…)

                  November 19: loving the weather- perfect for sipping tea to in the afternoons

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                    October 26 – November 3

                    October 26: hanging out with my sweet baby girl

                    October 27: Lydia’s first Eid in her new Eid dress!

                    October 28: Date night with daddy- Lasagna and a movie

                    October 29: helping dad prepare dinner

                    October 30: yup he’s in love

                    October 31: Happy Halloween!

                    November 1: a new discovery… fireplace app! AMAZING… it even has a fireplace sound- makes my heart happy

                    November 2: a little photo shoot with my girl 🙂

                    November 3: ONE month! how can this be?!

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