November 4- November 19

Oh my goodness I am feeling super overwhelmed with catching up with my 365! I had a brief moment in thinking I would quit… not for lack of taking pictures, but for lack of going though them, deleting them, editing them, and then finally posting them! Oh how I wish I didn’t get so far behind…

Attempting to catch up…

November 4: staring contest with the balloons

November 5: weather is finally nice enough for a morning walk

November 6: this girl loves reptiles, animals, & bugs of all sorts

November 7: Happy Birthday to one of my local friends

November 8: Lydia’s first tea party

November 9: orange spice tea- new favorite

November 10: visiting some local friends- she is always a huge hit

┬áNovember 11: Lydia’s 40th day of life

November 12: bubbles

November 13: mini dessert bar for Traci’s birthday

November 14: first play date

November 15: getting some work done with dad

November 16: Chase has perfected his omelet making skills

November 17: out for a walk with mom in our yard

November 18: its beginning to look a lot like Christmas in our local grocery store (first time I have seen Christmas decor in our town…)

November 19: loving the weather- perfect for sipping tea to in the afternoons

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    One Response to November 4- November 19

    1. Hannah says:

      Lydia is such a cutie. Love seeing her just relaxing with her dad and riding in her carrier with mom. Also, I love that the Christmas lights were put on the tree vertically, rather than horizontally, haha!