two months

does time fly or what?! I will probably say it every month, but I can’t believe our little peanut is over 2 months now! I just fall in love with her more each day.

This month has been a big one for our Liddy bug- she had her first sick day (just a stuffy/runny nose, but still hard for a mommas heart), got her official passport in, and went on her first plane ride across the ocean to meet her family & friends that have impatiently patiently waiting to meet her. Oh and she got her 2 month shots.

Clothes: She has graduated from her newborns clothes and fits really well in 0-3, but can also wear 3 month with extra room. One of my favorite things she wears these days is “skinny” jeans and her leg warms (not at the same time of course). She is still in size 1 diapers.

Lydia has met so many new people in her two months of life– I love this pic, I feel like it shows so much of her personality right now

Sleep: We have a baby that is sleeping through the night! At the beginning of the month she was sleeping anywhere from 5-8 hours at a time at night… usually waking up around 4:30 to eat, but before we came to America she was sleeping more consistently for about 7 hours at a time! Of course when we got to America her sleep schedule was a little off- the first night she woke up 4 times! And then each night woke up one less time each night until the last two nights she has slept 8 hours! We might be back on schedule, although, I feel like every time I record what she is doing on here the next night she does something completely different! Thats babies for you I guess 🙂

Food: She is eating between 2 and a half – 3 hours during the day still and doing really good with that. We have been starting our day around 7:30 or 8 am lately, which I feel like is a good time to start the day. I am thankful for a little bit of a schedule even in the middle of traveling and being in a different city each week.

I know I already shared her passport picture, but I love this one with her smile

Travel: This month we made a trip to Dubai for some shopping/errands and one border hop in Al Ain where we got to have dinner with our friends that we spent Lydia’s first week of life with. And the biggest travel of all this month was driving to Muscat (3 hours) to get on a plane to fly back to America! 36 hours after we left our house we were greeting Nanny & Papa in Dallas. She did great and continues to do great in our travels around America.


*Lydia LOVES to smile. She is such a sweetheart and gives the sweetest smiles that just melt your heart.

*She loves to lay on her back and giggle while kicking her legs and waving her arms all around.

*She still loves to lay over our shoulders like a sack of potatoes while twisting her neck all around to take in the world around her.

*She prefers to be facing out when you hold her (like her momma- doesn’t want to miss out on anything)

*We call her “Princess n Pee” because she still hates even a dribble of pee in her diaper… everyone says she will be easy to potty train! We’ll see!

*I love when she wakes up and she arches her back and stretches her arms out to wake up.

*She is pretty easy to read and figure out what she needs.

2 month Stats: (on December 10)

Weight: 10 lbs. 7 oz

Height: 22 in.

Percentile: 35% for both height & weight

We decided to do her 2 month appointment in the states since we were traveling on her two month birthday. It was really special because the doctor we took her to in Dallas has seen Chase’s whole family (his siblings & 7 nieces & nephews!) and now Lydia too! She is from India so we felt right at home with a foreign doctor. Lydia did great! She is growing on schedule and hitting all the normal milestones. She performed well for the doctor with great tummy time and “talking” time. It was so cute. At the end of the appointment she had to get her 2 month shots 🙁 It was so hard to see, but the nurse was great & super quick. I am super thankful for Tylenol… it did wonders with her pain from after the shots. She had about 2 hours of pain… it was so sad to see her hurt cry and there was nothing I could do for her but hold her, but once the Tylenol kicked in she was better!

Liddy bug,

We love you so much. You are so much fun these days… just cooing, talking, and smiling for anyone… it is so sweet to see! You are such a wonderful traveler. We just love you to pieces. Thank you for bringing such joy to our lives. Excited to see what changes this month brings! 

love you angel,

momma & daddy

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