World Traveler

We are home for the holidays!!

And Lydia is officially a world traveler!

She did GREAT on our 36 hour and 42 minute (yes we timed it) travels back to the states. I wasn’t really sure what to think about traveling with a two month old across the ocean… I guess I didn’t give it a ton of thought because we didn’t have a choice. Since we have chosen to live overseas that equals traveling long hours with babies to see family and friends… it is a package deal. I talked to a lot of friends that have traveled with infants and they encouraged me by saying most likely she will sleep the whole time and to make sure she is either nursing or sucking her pacci during take-offs and landings. So we did our best to make sure these things happened… the first take-off was the only one that bothered her (I had her nurse too soon… she was done by the time we actually took off- rookie mistake), but the rest of the time she did great! She even slept through one of the take-offs. Our first flight to London Lydia and I slept the majority of the flight – we had a bassinet and an open seat next to us for all the flights- such a blessing! I think that I had the best airplane sleep I have ever had- I think it has something to do with having an infant and sleeping hard whenever I get the chance to… whatever it is I will take it. Lydia did have a tough time when we had to switch planes in London because of a leak in the engine (which caused a 3 hour delay for us)… she was not excited about having to get in my pack again and leave the plane, but other than that she was super sweet and easy. Thanks for your prayers for safe and smooth travel. Chase and I actually enjoyed traveling with her…

Here are some pics from our travels… (not all pics are the greatest quality- sorry)

How many hours will we be on this thing?

Liddy’s bed

 my travel buddy

lattes- makes traveling around the world possible…

hanging out in the London airpot

Nanny & Papa greeted us in TEXAS! Worth the 36 hour travels…

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    4 Responses to World Traveler

    1. roxanne says:

      we are in Texas right now! Where are you all? SO glad you survived the travel- blessings as you spend awesome time with family and friends!

    2. Georgia says:

      Yay!!!! So happy you guys made it! Oh London- why are you so awful with your layovers?! Glad you’re here and that she was a little traveling champ. Enjoy and Merry Christmas! 🙂

    3. The Kowals says:

      What a great post and such an adventure! It seems like you three travel like champs together – Go Team McGough! So happy for you all to be back and that sweet baby girl getting so much time with family and friends. Email or call me when you come to central Texas so we can make sure we see you and know y’all absolutely have a place to stay with us if you need. Congrats on great travels and happy holidays 🙂

    4. Liz McQueen says:

      I love all the pics. We can’t wait to meet Lydia!!! So glad you guys are here in the States for the holidays & ESP for Baby’s 1st Christmas 🙂

      Love you guys!