all new 365

I am starting a 365 project again! I am super excited to pull my camera out on a more regular basis and hope to improve in my skills as well as document the everyday again.


1: Sunrise over the ocean on the first day of Ramadan

2: Lunchtime… salmon salad= delicious

3: afternoon walk with the fam

4: power outage- thankful for close neighbors to eat lunch with

5: a little QT on the porch

6: drink to break fast during Ramadan

7: late night visits

8: my fav- chai tea: black tea with rainbow milk & lots of sugar

 9: rubber ducky from our hotel stay in Dubai

10: 5 years with my love

11: ocean view swimming

12: lots of laundry after vacation (well everyday actually…)

13: what a great way to wake up! FaceTiming with Gramzi

14: family photo shoot with Jord

15: lunchtime… turkey sandwich with guacamole, pepper jack cheese and tomato = perfection

16: love the way a clean house feels

17: happy birthday to jord- celebrated with her fav: a fall party in July!

18: fashion show- sweet smile

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    One Response to all new 365

    1. Georgia says:

      Oh dear… you may motivate me to try again!! Love these. Hope you are doing well!