nine months

Nine months to me feels like a whole different category of baby- like going from an infant to a baby… can’t believe I have a baby girl who is growing and developing more and more everyday.

Thought I would do a compassion of how much she has changed from 3, 6 and now 9 months! Its amazing. Didn’t realize she had chubby little cheeks till I look back…

Clothes: Believe it or not she can still wear some 3-6 month stuff, 6 month, but mostly I am putting her in 9 month clothes now, but she definitely has room to grow in them! She is still in size 2 diapers. This month she has had enough hair for me to put a rubber band in for a little pony tail! And it actually helps her keep in her bows which makes momma happy 😉 She also got her first pigtails this month… I die… too cute! (pictured below)

Food: Lydia is loving solid food way more this month. She wants just about anything I am eating. I am nursing her about 5 times a day and feeding her solids 2-3 times a day. I plan on working on dropping a nursing this next month in the mornings. In the picture below she had her first pancake! And of course loved it! She has gotten pretty good at picking up food and feeding herself- often prefers that over being spoon fed.

New foods on the menu this month:

  •  Apricots (loves them)
  • Plums (they had them from the US at our grocery store… so yummy, was hard for me to want to share! ha- but she loved them)
  • Pasta (hasn’t had a lot, but likes it since she can feed it to herself)
  • Plain yogurt or with cinnamon (she really likes it, which is awesome cuz it is cheap and easy)
  • Scrambled eggs (loved them- again cheap and easy)
  • Chick peas (a great option for finger food)

She finds anything and everything, small or big, picks it up and puts it in her mouth. It amazes me that after I have swept the floor she still manages to find the one little crumb still left on the ground.

Sleep: We had a rough month of sleeping through the night again! I think a lot had to do with the move and that she was teething and got her FIRST TOOTH this month (actually 2 teeth!) So I think that had a lot to do with her waking up in the night and during nap time… poor girl, hated seeing her hurting. She also has become a weasel and cries (sometimes screams) at us to come get her at bedtime… I know that nothing is wrong because we changed her diaper, she was fed, we gave her meds when she was teeth and did the nightly bed time routine and every time we would run in to check on her she would smile and giggle real big at us while looking straight at the door and she would calm down as soon as we picked her up– yup we were suckers. Finally we decided we had to be strong and not let her win. So after several nights (maybe a week) of letting her “cry it out” and going in every 5-10 minutes to pat her bottom and whisper to her she has finally stopped doing that (for now anyway…) There were several nights where we let her cry for like 20 minutes- so so tough as a parent, but we knew nothing was wrong and she would eventually fall asleep.

We are in trouble with this face (above)… look at those eyes- how could we say “no” to them?! And notice her pacci… it is upside down- this is how it usually is since she puts it in herself now.



*Like I said above she got her first teeth this month! On June 25th I was getting her ready for bed and she was being fussy and so I was like, “are you getting a tooth?!”(which I had often checked before when she was fussy and nothing..) and so I stuck my figure in her mouth and sure enough I felt a tooth (left side)!! Such a cool moment- love being part of such big milestones in her life. It took about a week for the right one to join and then another week for them to come in… which equalled lots of drool, tears, cuddles, teething tablets, and time with momma. She really only wanted me for about two weeks and wouldn’t play on her own or be two feet from me…. as much as I loved it, it was a long two weeks…

It was quite the task to get a picture of those pearly whites, but I finally got one!

*She went swimming in her baby float for the first time on Father’s day and loved it!

* We celebrated Father’s day with a fun family day at home and at the pool. What a great dad Chase has become! He is so patient, loving, fun, and takes such good care of Lydia. I never worry about her when I leave her at home with him. He is so great and gets up with her in the middle of the night or early mornings and brings her to me (often he hears her crying when I don’t even budge!). He make her laugh all.the.time. It makes me love him more seeing how much he loves our baby girl.

She was d.o.n.e. with swimming and ready to eat!

*She started clapping this month! She does it all the time now and gets so excited when she does it.

* She has started to say “dadadadada” this month… don’t think she really associates it with Chase but she is defiantly making more sounds and different ones. She is quite vocal.

*Her crawling speed has sped up! I turn around for one second and she is in another room… I have to remember to make sure doors are closed and the baby gate is up!

* She has started reaching for you when you go to pick her up- so sweet.

*She loves to skype and FaceTime with family back home- its like she knows what we are about to do– she gets really excited when I start signing on and when she hears the ringing- you are loved by our Liddy Bug family! I wish we could see you in person more often but so thankful she is getting to know you through the internet- what a blessing!

*People are always telling us, “what a happy baby you have”, “does she ever cry?”, “is she always smiling?” … yes she cries, but generally she has such a happy sweet spirit and will smile for just about anyone.

*She is waving a whole lot more, and even without us showing her first… she has started to even do it when she is leaving the room… she looks back at us a waves her little fingers at us.

*We have started teaching her baby signs- “more”, “please” and “all done”– so far she hasn’t really picked it up yet, but we will keep trying!

*She loves to drink water from a big girl cup, especially when dad feeds it to her… of course it makes her clothes soaking wet, but she has fun doing it, so it’s worth it.

*She has been way more cuddly this month, which we love love!

This lasted about .2 seconds, but was still super sweet…

We love you sweet Liddy May. You have such a sweet loving personality. You are easy going, lovable, kissable, friendly active, busy, cute and so much more. We love watching you grow- can’t believe how big you have gotten… Thank you for making this parent thing such a joy. 

We love you,

mom & dad


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    5 Responses to nine months

    1. Linda says:

      I loved your blog! It was just like having a visit with you! What a beautiful family you are! I am blessed to be grandma to Liddy Bug and your stepmom! Of course I love Chase too! If you ever wonder how you can love another child as much as Lydia just ask me. It is one of the mysteries of God’s gift to us. I now have ten children and 4 & 1/2 grand children and I can truly say I love you all!

    2. Liz says:

      Aww! You always capture the best pics!! Love this update & loved getting to love on Lydia a couple times this past month! Love your family!

    3. Georgia says:

      Oh my… Just love her! So sweet! Nine months was a defining time for us. It was the first time we looked up at each other and said, “Now this is fun… she needs a sister.” 🙂 It only gets better from there. She’s beautiful!! so happy for your little ball of sweetneess.

    4. Raquel says:

      So sweet… She is a princess! Such a beautiful family! I thank God for you guys! Great pics!

    5. darylann says:

      she is beautiful! love yall and miss you so much!