well, here we go again, late and behind- I guess thats the story of life with a 9 month old, moving and sporadic internet! I am actually hoping to start a 365 project again starting on July 10, the first day of Ramadan. I have honestly been missing taking pictures, learning about my camera, and capturing the small everyday things. So with Ramadan (the month of Muslim fasting) upon us, things tend to slow down a lot and so I felt like it would be a good time to start it up again.

1. date season 

Fresh dates are in season right now and I am not going to lie, I am not a huge fan of them…. but man they love them. Dates are a huge part of the culture- they are served to guests with Arab coffee, used in baked goods, and they used to be a  major food stable for the Bedouin people as they traveled across the desert for days with not much else to eat.

2. cuz limes 

One of our neighbors has a lime tree! About an hour before sunset Chase, Liddy and I have been taking walks to meet new neighbors and explore our neighborhood and I discovered this tree! I would make a lot of Key Lime pies if I had this tree in my yard.

3. afternoon stroll 

This is the alleyway I pass through as I go to visit local ladies in their outdoor mejlious (sitting area) along the beach. It’s almost surreal to me as I sit chatting and trying to understand the S0har dialect with the ocean waves crashing about five feet in front of me… I often have to remind myself that I am not on vacation. I look forward to many great conversations and yummy food to be eaten here.

4. my view 

Sweet Liddy May is 9 months already! One of my favorite things she does these days is scrunch up her nose like this pic. Hard to believe how much I love this little girl.

5. the fourth 

We had a great low key 4th this year especially compared to last year’s party where we had about 100 Americans over. My favorite part about this year’s party was the hamburger bar… caramelized onions, avocados, turkey bacon, queso… yummy!

*bonus pic* (Chase actually took this one)

Just thought this was a fun shot that Chase took. Am loving our new town because the people are always out! From about 5:30- sunset locals line the beach watching their kids and husbands play in the ocean while enjoying the breeze from the ocean. It is a great way to meet people and get fresh air!

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