eight months

Clothes: My little peanut can still wear 3-6 month clothes, 6 month and 9 month… not really sure how that works out, but the different brands all fit so differently. This month she has discovered the bow and won’t keep it in– and of course puts it directly into her mouth= chocking hazard! She even feels on top of her head of something when there isn’t even a bow. So, we are putting the bows up for a bit 🙁

Sleep: In the middle of packing, moving, and transition Lydia has been sleeping pretty good. She generally goes to bed between 8 and 9 and sleeps till 7 am. She then takes a nap till 10 or 11 and then again any where from 1 -3. Every once and a while she take a quick 20 min nap around 5 or 6. Lately she has just wanted me to put her to sleep. We have gotten into a little routine with getting ready for bed, nursing, rocking, singing (yes I sing to her, and only to her… sweet girl likes it 😉 ). She still sleeps with a swaddle without her arms wrapped or a sleep sack. She has to have her pacci to sleep and will grab it from my lab when she is down nursing and ready to sleep- too cute & way to little to be acting so old!

Food: Lydia is still nursing about 5-6 times a day and eating 1-2 solid “meals” a day.  We have been on the go so much this month with moving, packing, and shopping that I have been as consistent as I would like to be with trying out new foods. I am hoping now that we are in our house and the kitchen is getting more settled she will get more variety of foods. She is liking foods much more and is way more curious when we are eating and generally wants to eat with us. She continues to eat from a spoon better for dad better than me- he likes that he gets to share this new experience with her.

On the menu this month:

  • Lentils with sweet potatoes, celery, and onions (I found the recipe in a baby food book & she loves it)
  • Applesauce (loved it)
  • Bananas (loves them mushed up with rice, not by themselves yet)
  • Bread (Arab, wheat, white, all of it- she likes it)
  • Baby biscuits (loves them)
  • Sweet potato puffs (loves them and is so cute picking them up & putting them in her month)
  • Grapes cut up (loves the insides and spits out the skins)
  • Mangos (not sure about these yet)
  • Peaches (loved)
  • Apples (she got a hold of Chase’s apple that he had taken a few bites out of and loved it! It entertained her for a while as she tried to bite/suck out the juices)
She also had her first bean, potato chip and piece of chicken at a locals house! Oh and we had McDonalds for our first meal at our new house an we gave her a fry (great parenting I know, but of course she loved it!).

* About a week after Liddy started scooting on her belly she figured out how to crawl on her knees and has been on the go ever since. She seriously never sits still. It is so fun to watch her grow, learn, explore and discover.

* Around the same time as crawling (I didn’t write down the dates! ah- mid May) she started pulling up on stuff! She loves to stand and looks so proud of her self when she does it.

* On May 18th Liddy waved hi for the first time! She doesn’t do it consistently, but every once and a while she will bust it out again- so fun!

* On May 30th she stood up in her crib for the first time! I was sitting in her room packing up her dresser and I looked up right as she was pulling up and then stood. It made her look so much bigger/older than she is. It was also great timing because we  took down her crib the next day for the move- so at the new house we lowered it.

* On May 31st she let go of the box of toys she was holding on to while standing and stood for a few seconds on her own! I couldn’t believe it. She attempts to do it more, but doesn’t have much luck- still working on strengthening her tummy muscles… I am in no rush for her to walk and stand, but i have a feeling it will be happening sooner than later.

* Lately at night when I am nursing her when she is tired and ready for bed she reaches in my lap and grabs her pacci, puts it in and lays back down… it is the cutest thing- makes her look so big!

* I love it when I am cuddling her and her pacci is in and Chase walks in the room and she gives him the biggest pacci smile there ever way- warms our heats

* She is still loving Praise Baby- she will sit for the entire 30 minutes and watch the video- it has been such a help while packing and unpacking. She cries out when it ends.

* When she plays she loves to crawl all over you.

* She responds really well to Liddy Bug- not as much to Lydia… wonder if she will be confused in first grade when the call her name? She may tell them, “No, I go by liddy bug”! ha

* She loves to stick her fingers in your mouth and then laughs.

* When you kiss the bottom of her feet she giggles and giggles.

* She has been such a trouper with our move- just going with the flow in the midst of boxes and packing, but I do feel like she has been more attached to me lately- which i will never complain about.

Still haven’t gotten the chance to weigh her, but my arms can tell she is defiantly growing! Out here you don’t have to take them to the doctor again till they are a year for their one year shot, so hoping we won’t have to take her in till then!

We love you sweet Liddy bug! So thankful for you. You melt our hearts and every time we think of you, you bring smiles to our faces. Can’t believe we are 4 months away from having you in our arms for a year!

love, momma & daddy

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    4 Responses to eight months

    1. Glenda McGough says:

      So many new “firsts”. So thankful for things like Blogs, Facebook, Texting, FaceTime, and most of all for Skypeing so we can watch you grow Little Bug! Love you so very much!

    2. Grandma says:

      Your pictures and comments are wonderful! We look forward to reading about Liddy Bug’s newest adventures! She is so, so cute!
      Love you all!

    3. Liz McQ says:

      Love Liddy Bug!!! Great update and pics Britt! Love reading your blog!

    4. The Kowals says:

      She is beautiful Brittany! I miss reading your blog. I’ve been so busy with adjusting to two. Both boys are sleeping and wanted to check in on you. I just love y’all and think of you three often.