This year for my birthday I asked my mom if she could send me to Portland, OR to visit my dear friend Cassie and her new precious baby, Jonah. And it actually happened! I got to go visit Cas, David (her sweet husband), Jonah (such a cute baby), and Cassie wonderful family (Julie, Cade, Tim, Kelsey and Aunt Jaris). I had an amazing time. We just hung out at the house, made yummy food, learned how to make home-made bread, held Jonah, watched Jonah laugh, cry and eat, catch up on life and play with Jonah some more. Oh we also made it to the Outlet mall and the Colombia Outdoor Wear employee store- lots of great deals- which was great!

Before I show you any pictures I have to tell you about my unique friendship with this family. I met Cassie in 4th grade and we became instant Best Friends. We did everything together… we both even wore big round glasses! In 5th grade we found out that Cassie would be moving to Portland, OR for her dads job- super tragic. I thought I had lost my best friend…

However, God is good and we were able to keep in touch all these years as if no time had passed at all! We have only seen each other 7-8 times (including both our weddings) since she moved and without hardly any communication (a few emails and cards now and again), but every time we do get to see each other it is just as sweet as the last. I hope that one day we can live closer, but if that never happens I am confident that we will be life long friends! Thanks for a great week- I love you all dearly!

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    2 Responses to Portland

    1. Georgia says:

      Yay! My first comment here. Woot. Congrats on the new site. Looks great!

    2. Brittany says:

      thanks Georgia! it is so fun to get comments! 😉 hope Uganda was great… we would love to have dinner and hear about it soon! we will get in touch with you!