July 10 – July 17

July 10: had some friends over for Chicken Parmesan- this is their sweet girl

July 11: the results of “cooking from scratch” … believe it or not the kitchen was super clean before I started cooking- ha

July 12: Trip to Dubai which included a movie… trying to fit in as many as we can before little miss joins us!

July 13: sleeping in till 11:30 am on a Saturday= breakfast for lunch and an episode of 24… also trying to take advantage of sleeping in while we can!

July 14: Photo School- learning how lighting effects your pictures… also learning how lighting is KEY to great photography… don’t you love my model?

July 15: getting stuff put together for the nursery…

July 16: enjoying some fruit at a local friends house… had to leave after an hour even though they insisted I stay for dinner at 11:30 pm! because of heartburn…

July 17: Mimi’s (my grandmother) vase and sunflowers… working on lightening and composition for photo school

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