July 18- July 25

July 18: thank you Jord for craving this and pintrest for the recipe– homemade toffee= delicious

July 19: Happy 4 years to us! Chinese food & coffee! Gosh I love that boy.

July 20: ICE an essential for us Americans here in the heat… (or anytime really) all our friends (other than Americans) always look at me strangely & make comments about my ice drinks

July 21: game night with some freinds

July 22: Turkish coffee with some friends after we got our eyebrows threaded. Since it’s Ramadan things open later and stay open later- this was at 11:30pm…

July 23: dates and a visit with my old neighbor, she was fasting, but still severed us… felt bad to eat in front of her, but she insisted

July 24: Baby Back Ribs in Dubai at Billy Blues with Drew & Jord on our double date… delcious

July 25: We are watching these sweet girls for the next 5 days while Drew & Jord get some much needed “them” time. We are super excited! Called the girls down for lunch and this is how they came dressed! love them

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