July 26- August 1

July 26: Yup, thats right our town has a Domino’s in it now…we are moving up in the world!

July 27: He is gonna be such a great daddy!

July 28: Princess tea party followed by a dance party… the girls begged Chase to dance with them… it didn’t take much for him to say yes

July 29: “camping” with Kead & Sayla… complete with hot chocolate, marshmallows to roast¬†over the fire, and campfire stories

July 30: LuLu’s- our new grocery store with lots of hallways like this with the potential for more shops (maybe a coffee shop!) to open… for now its just colorful walls and a great place to walk around with A/C

July 31: date balls to take to some local freinds

August 1: finally got to meet our friend’s sweet new baby boy

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