August 2 – August 17

August 2: Enjoying pear/apple crisp with some sweet friends during a weekend movie marathon

August 3: Midnight snack

August 4: Hanging curtains in Lydia’s room! special thanks to my models 🙂

August 5: drive to Abu Dabai

August 6: kinda blurry, but loving my view!

August 7: belly pic! 33 weeks

August 8: good lil’ dishwashers

August 9: Ramadan visit at 11 pm

August 10: had a bit of a fire with our A/C… not huge, just a few sparks and then it stopped working, but we got our fix-it man to come out and he got the A/C to work without the plug

August 11: future daddy working on some possible art work for his baby girls nursery

August 12: my “new” laundry room! yey! my washing machine is out of my kitchen!!

August 13: my sweet roommate, Traci, made me fresh squeezed lemonade! yum

August 14: Dubai at Iftar, the time when everyone breaks their fast during Ramadan at sunset

August 15: Frist birthing class at Oasis Hospital! 34 weeks!

August 16: had a local family over for dinner… they were supposed to come at 9 pm, but showed up at 11 pm… totally normal! Love these girls playing “tea party”

August 17: sweet hubby painting my toes since I can’t reach them anymore!

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    One Response to August 2 – August 17

    1. Hannah says:

      Ahhhhh! Brittany your belly is TOO cute! Love it! Also, its SO good that you have dark curtains for Lydia’s room. Our new apt has blinds that don’t really block out the light and nap time has been a BEAST ever since we moved. We are trying to find black-out shades but haven’t had any luck yet. Anyways, so excited for you!