August 18- September 1

I just realized today that I am almost a month behind on posting my pics for the 365! Oops… figured I better get caught up in case little miss decides to come early (or even if she is late.. I still need to get caught up). I am not going to lie to you lately I have felt uninspired to take pictures… I am thinking that once Lydia makes her appearance I will be re-inspired with an adorable subject 🙂

But for now, I will share with you at bit about what we have been up to…

August 18: scrapbooking… I had been wanting to make one of the local families I hang out with a scrapbook of all the pictures I have with them for a long time, but of course I waited till the day before I wanted to give it to them to make it! At least it forced me to sit for a few hours!

August 19: End of Ramadan= lots of Eid visits… Chase enjoying some haluwa (Omani sweets) with a friend

August 20: Mexican night with some fellow Texan friends… first time to see homemade tortillas made… I used to be super intimidated by them, but they are super easy- hope to make them again soon.

August 21: Gilmore Girls & Brownies… great way to end the day

August 22: More haluwa with my language helper

August 23: celebrated this sweet boy’s birthday with a super fun piñata party! Happy 5th Joey!

August 24: the boys were on a surf trip so Jord set up a “spa” and spoiled us with pedicures…

August 25: Chase brought these back for me from his surf trip… love them

August 26: Mas Salama (good-bye) midnight rider… we do not miss you! We were super blessed to have the opportunity to trade our car in for a less broken car– lets just say Chase become good friends with the mechanic in our town with this bad girl- ha

August 27: Our authenticated marriage certificate came! Now Lydia can get a birth certificate and passport when she is born! Apparently you have to get a bunch of official stamps out here to prove that you are married in order to have a baby

August 28: Build-a-bear & Rainforest Cafe for miss Sayla Grace’s 4th birthday! It was so fun seeing these girls pick out the perfect outfits for their bears… Lydia even got a bear because we had a buy one- get one coupon

August 29: still too hott in the kitchen to keep fruit out on the counter overnight and I don’t like my bananas refrigerated… so they came to bed with us! ha

August 30: my “Cute as a Button” baby shower! Loved all the adorable button details… hope to post more pics soon! This was a delicious apple cinnamon cake- perfect fall flavors

August 31: the gift I gave my wonderful hostesses for my shower… ingredients for a Chocolate Chip Oatmeal Bread in a mason jar with a chalkboard painted top to be reused for other storage later & some earrings

September 1: Jord & I deemed this day the first day of fall out here… even if there is no sign of it outside, my house feels like it inside 🙂

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