a place to lay her head…

I am so excited to finally share with you everything that my mom has spent the past few months making for Lydia’s nursery! I absolutely LOVE how it all turned out. It is so special to have hand-made bedding and accessories made by her Gramzi… she will defiantly know how loved she is!

Also, Chase and I think that my should open up an Etsy shop and sell this stuff- she is good and I think people would pay her to do it… Chase is wanting to set up all the business stuff for her and just have her sew… I will let you know if he convinces her and what happens with it πŸ™‚ She also made all of Landon’s (my sister’s baby boy) nursery stuff too!

Lydia will eventually sleep in this beautiful crib. Right now she is in our room for two reasons, 1) we are not sure we want her to leave us yet! I never thought I would want my baby to stay in our room, but I/we kind of like her in there with us 2)her crib is currently slanted… as in the floor in her room is uneven! We are working on getting risers for it to make it even so she doesn’t roll to one side & live her life a little crooked- ha! Oh the joys of living in an old house in the Middle East…

The changing table. Our friends gave us this furniture and we love it! What a blessing. She had it made over 5 years ago for her first son based on Poettry Barn furniture.

Mom made the diaper box and Jord made the “bebe” hanging above the changing station.

The rocking chair & closet. Gramzi made the gorgeous quilt & the box on the floor. Jord painted the bird picture and Chase is working on a painting for Christmas to go where the yarn “L” is that I made.

I LOVE the way her nursery turned out! It makes my heart happy every time I go in there. I picked out the fabrics from Hawthorne ThreadsΒ online. It is from designer Joel Dewberry and the Heirloom Sapphire Palette Fabric Collection. And then my mom went to town! Thank you so much for all your hard work you put into it mom. We love it!

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    7 Responses to a place to lay her head…

    1. Georgia says:

      Gorgeous! If it’s any consolation- we felt the same about the bedroom sharing (and bed sharing!). We finally moved her to her room at around 3 months then I realized that the APA recommends they stay in your room until 6 months so… No worries! We had to put books under one end of claire’s crib too. It’s gorgeous!!

    2. Mom W says:

      I LOVE it and I’m so glad you love it! I always looked forward to going into my sewing room and creating something for my precious grandbabies!!…so THANK YOU for letting me make it!! Have I told you how excited I am to see you all in a month!!?? πŸ™‚ Aaaaaaahhhhh…Cannot wait to get those babies together and take lots and lots of pictures!!

      Love you so much!

    3. kirstin says:

      Britt, everything looks so great. Your mom did such a great job.
      Everything in the room is gorgeous. Lucky Lydia! πŸ™‚
      And tell your mom that I have all sorts of friends who get their crib bedding on Etsy. It is PRICEY, but ppl are totally willing to pay it!

    4. Hannah says:

      Brittany! It looks absolutely perfect and so colorful! Gramzi did an amazing job and I love how you put it all together. It looks like a magical, fun room for your lil Sugar to grow up in! XOXO

    5. Hannah says:

      Oh, and I also know a bunch of people who shop on Etsy and would love this type of stuff πŸ™‚

    6. roxanne engstrom says:

      so pretty and girly- LOVE it!

    7. Lesley says:

      SO beautiful!! I love it so much!!