3 months!!

Now that Lydia is 3 1/2 months I am finally getting around to posting about her! It has been a wild month full of adventure, new things, people & places. She has been a trouper through it all!

Sleep: She is sleeping an average of 7 hours a night! Once and a while she will wake up once in the night to eat, but goes straight back down. She loves little “cat naps” during the day- 15- 20 min. If we are “home” and have some what of a schedule she will normally sleep for 2 hours in the morning (9-11 isn) and then another hour in the after noon (1 isn) and then sometimes another 2 hours in the late afternoon (3 ish). However, we have hardly had “normal” or been home in the past month, so we don’t always get these long naps in. She sleeps really well in the car while traveling- which is a huge blessing. When she is ready for her nap all we have to do is swaddle her (if we are home), put her pacci in, cradle her, and pat her bottom- then she is out- it is the sweetest thing.

Clothes: She can wear 0-3 month onesies and 3 month bottoms. Her arms & legs are a little long for 3 month one-piece outfits… which is crazy that she would have long anything with us as her parents! She is in size 1 diapers still. PJ’s she is wearing 0-3 month. I am loving putting her in fleece pants and matching hooded jackets! She has yet to wear shoes, I thought I would be a shoe mom cuz they are so darn cute, but they just don’t stay on- so it’s not worth it to me! She started to wear bibs as soon as we got to the states! Classic new mom move, when I was packing for America I didn’t pack any of her bibs because she wasn’t needing them when we left- ha- but of course as soon as we landed she started drooling a ton- like soaking through her clothes & a bib now! They constantly change, its crazy!

Food: She is eating about 6 times a day- 3 hours apart on average. She continues to do really well with nursing. I haven’t given her a bottle yet, mostly because I have not had any extra time to pump. I keep wanting to, but whenever I think about it we are off to the next event. I hope to let Chase give her, her first bottle and then have one ready for my mom so we can go on a date while in Albuquerque… we’ll see.

Travels: We have been all over the place this past month… we landed in Dallas, spent a week there, flew to Lubbock/Lamesa, spent a few days there, drove to Albuquerque, spent a week there, drove back to Lubbock & then flew to Dallas for Christmas, drove back to Lamesa for New Year’s, spent a week there, drove to Lubbock, spent a week there, and then drove to Albuquerque and are here now… WOW! Thats a lot of traveling for a little 3 month old! She has done great, but I think she (and I) is done for now. I am hoping that the 2 weeks we have in Albuquerque will give us some rest to gear back up for the looong flight back to the desert.

Milestones: I have decided to record new things she is doing on the calendar on my phone… I started it at the end of the month, but I hope to keep up with it so I remember the little stuff!

  • December 23: Started pulling herself up while holding our hands using her neck & abs
  • December 25: Started reaching for her toys & holding on to them
  • December 27: Seems like she has started teething! Chase got his first tooth at 2 months… who knows when she will, but she has started to drool a ton, bite on everything, esp her fingers/hands… we’ll see
  • December 31: Holds hands above head & arches back when laying down
  • January 1: Pushes her body back with her legs when laying on her back
  • January 3: Grabbing stuff & putting it directly in her mouth!


*Lydia got to meet all her grandparents, her aunts & uncles, some great aunts & uncles, all her cousins, & lots of new friends this month! So fun to get to share our precious baby girl with all our family & friends.

*Lydia loves to smile at everyone she sees and loves people.

*Her new nickname is “bubbles” because she loves to make & blow bubbles.

*She is a great travel buddy.

*She is really easy to read and a super happy baby.

*She is getting better about the “princess & pee” diaper situation, but still doesn’t love a dirty diaper.

*She looks like a little “who” girl from Dr. Seuss with her pretty big eyes & long hair that curls up at the top.. love her!

*She recognizes Chase & I when we come in the room & talk to her… best thing in the world.

*She loves her cousin Landon, even though every time they “play” together she hits him in the face!

*She loves to dance and hit herself with her hands against her chest. (sometimes I wonder if she is going to give herself bruises!)


Thank you so much for being such a trouper with your crazy parents traveling all over the place, for meeting new people, sleeping in different beds/places, for sleeping through the night & for be such a JOY! We love you to the moon and back and can’t remember a day we didn’t have you in our lives. 

love, momma & daddy

We weighed her on our home scale this week (1/19) and she was about 12.5 lbs! We have her next Dr. appointment on the 31st right before we head back to the desert, will be interested to get her true stats then.


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    1. Francine Lederer says:

      So sorry we missed you in this part of the world. We just got back from Hawaii on Sat. Your baby girl is precious and can’t wait to give her a hug. Be safe and have a good trip back. Praying for safe trip and safe return home. We love you all