back again

Well, we made it back to the desert…. about 3 weeks ago, however, we have had some visitors the past two weeks. My little sister, Aubrey and her husband, Nate came to see us… to see where we live, to see a little bit of our everyday life, to see the beautiful country we live in and a bonus they brought us a whole trunk full of more of the spoils Liddy received while we were home! It was a busy, blessing of a trip. I am so glad that they got to come out and get a glimpse into our lives out here. It is so hard to understand until you actually get to come here and taste it for yourself. They were so helpful with Lydia as we are slowly transitioning back into life with out constant help (it has been such a blessing to be with family 24/7- I joke that I don’t know how to take care of her by myself!), they were an encouragement to us and were such fun/easy guests- literally everything we showed them they got excited about and loved experiencing all of it. I will share pictures and stories from their trip once I get the pics loaded on to my computer…

but until then for the next two days we have decided to have a little “stay-cation” and just be home as a family of 3- we are going to keep our phones in the bedroom & stay off the computers and hit “reset”. We have not slowed down since Lydia was born and haven’t been just the 3 of us since we before America- so it is much needed. We hope to set some goals, plan out the semester, make a schedule for ourselves, unpack, reflect on the past two years, relax and just be. I am really looking forward to it and hope that it is a time of refreshment for our souls.

I will be returning to the blog world soonish…

(i have great 4 month pics of Liddy that I can’t wait to share! even though she will be 5 months next week– eeekk time needs to slow down!)

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    1. Heather Davila says:

      So, so happy you guys are safe and in good hands! I know that this year will be so much more exciting and challenging – please know you are in our pr@yers. I hope that good health and good rest happen as you spend your staycation together!