I have been tossing around a few ideas in my head about how to change up our blog a little bit to document our lives out here, along with keeping you all up with whats been going on and for it to not always be just about Lydia, as I am sure you all just tolerate love looking at our beautiful daughter, you would appreciate some other things as well! (well, maybe the grandparents are ok with it just bing about Lydia, but still…)

And since I haven’t started a 365 photo project again this year (one day I want to do it again cuz I miss taking pictures everyday, learning new things, and documenting our daily lives, but now is just not the time), I was thinking I would do a friday5. Which will consist of five fun things from the week and will be posted (hopefully) on Fridays- hints the friday5 🙂 Some of the things I post will be mundane everyday things, some will be of our life out here in the desert. I hope to start taking pictures of the culture and country that we live in again, to get excited about the small stuff that makes up the people, the smells, the sounds, and the tastes of where we are living during this time of our lives. It is easy to just get stuck in the mode of living; laundry, dishes, cooking, baby care, trying to speak Arabic and be understood and all the while forget that we have been given an awesome opportunity to experience something really cool and interact with some really great people- I mean how many people get to say that the lived in the Arabian Peninsula?! I know that I will still be posting about Lydia often, but hopefully this will be a nice break in between 🙂 (and maybe, just maybe you will hear from Chase some too!).

So, without further adieu, here is my friday5.

1. a trip down the coast 

Right now we are in the process of doing market research for our business and in order to get a better feel for the country we took a trip down the coast at the beginning of the month to check out potential locations for business and to live. (I hope to have more info coming on this soon!) It was so great to take a trip to explore Oman and especially be close to the sea! Many of the people in Oman along the coast are fishermen by trade and so as you drive up and down the coast you see fishing boats, nets, fishermen and sometimes even their catch of the day!

2. excellent hosts

The people here are superb hosts and put anyone in America to shame when it comes to honoring their guests by serving them their best food, fruit, hottest coffee/tea, local dates and sweets. Anytime you visit a local home you can expect to be served some sort of food or fruit along with a hot beverage or juice, whether they have a ton of money or hardly anything. The picture above is of a local chicken dish with a soup-y bread underneath, it is only made in the home and it can’t be purchased at restaurants! Pretty tasty.

3. a local commodity 

Frankincense is grown all over here. It used to be a major commodity that was exported all over the world in ancient times. It can be smelled today in the malls and when taking a walk outside from our neighbors houses when they are burning it in their homes. Above is a picture of a frankincense tree in bloom!

4. embracing the culture

Lydia has become quite the popular one among my local friends or just the random passer-by. I have to be very trusting and comfortable when it comes to taking Lydia out into this culture, they love to hold her, kiss her, and take her from me. They often try to walk away with her to show their other family members or friends, I have to tell them that she will want me near to her to give me an excuse to follow them. This is something I am still learning how to let go and trust, but it does warm my heart to see how much they love her and to see her giggle and smile for them. Once on a local visit a friend gave her a taste of honey! I about screamed NO, but it was too late, I just said a little prayer of protection, hoping that she would be ok and not have any reactions- thankfully she did not- I am learning that anything goes when it comes to kids here. I am embracing some of the things, letting go of some and not joining in for others.

5. local visits 

I am trying to get in a more regular routine of visiting my friends with Lydia. It is a tricky balance because they of course always want me to bring her and I want to bring her, but often times visits don’t start till 8:00 pm and she usually goes down between 8:30 and 9…. I am ok with her having a later bedtime if she has taken an afternoon nap, which sometimes is still sporadic. I have also struggled with feeling like I have nothing to offer my friends if I don’t bring Lydia with me- she consumes most of my time, is most of what I think about and lets me honest is way more fun than me… although I need to get over this and be confident that my friends loved me before Lydia and will still want me around even if she stays home with dad. Plus, I don’t love leaving Lydia much right now anyway… learning the balance.

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    3 Responses to friday5

    1. Georgia says:

      What a great idea. And that would be some serious adjusting for me to let people take my baby away… So hard when your little one is involved. And don’t think only grandparents want to see your little one! I would be happy with posts every day!

    2. Katie says:

      Love this idea, and love the pics! I hear ya about the kids. It’s such a HUGE part of our lives, when we don’t bring them it can be a challenge to find something to talk about! And trusting God with their schedule, and people who feed them dangerous things! Oh, it is so hard sometimes! Just remember my trick, that if you catch them in time you can always say “oh, my husband doesn’t want her to eat that!”. Works every time! 🙂 Anyway, love you dear! Love hearing about what’s going on, keep em coming!

    3. Hannah says:

      Wow Britt! Your photographs are gorgeous and it is so so beautiful there. Love seeing your baby girl too, she is so sweet!