ten months

Gosh is it possible to love this sweet girl anymore!? Ah, I just love her to pieces! And since I am SUPER late in posting this I am not going to write as much, but share lots of pics from her 10th month. (can’t believe she will be 11 months in like 3 days!!)

Clothes: She is wearing mostly 9 month clothes, but can still fit into some 6-9 month. She is still in a tiny size 2 diaper! She is just a little bitty peanut.

Food: We are still nursing about 5 times a day with 3 meals and sometimes a snack after nap. She is not a huge fan of pureed baby food- she prefers to feed herself – miss independent. However, she loved the squeezable food pouches- she can even feed herself them! When we go out to eat we have been using a “tiny diner” mat and love it! We are also big fans of the “bumpkin” bibs- you can just throw them in the washing machine and they come out good as new.

On the menu this month:

  • Canned green beans (however, I discovered that those have lots of salt in them- yes mother of the year award here- too bad, cuz they were super easy and quick to give her)
  • Beans- black and kidney (loves them)
  • Pancakes and waffles (loves them)
  • Cheese (loves)
  • Diced grilled chicken (likes it)
  • Cheerios (loves them, esp in her “snack trap”- this will entertain her for at least 5 minutes! ha)
first time trying a waffle
Sleep: I can’t really remember how well she slept this month- which I guess means she probably slept pretty good! We went to Dubai for an anniversary/ramadan vacation weekend just as a family and she was great! She took really good naps, slept through the night and even slept in- its as if she knew we were on vacation and needed more rest. I thought she was giving up her morning nap a few times this month, but thankfully she is still holding on to it- about 1-2 hour nap in the mornings and 1-3 hour nap in the afternoons- glory! It will be nice once we go to one long nap in the afternoon though, I think it will allow me to do more in the mornings. Although, I will miss my alone time to get stuff done around the house in the mornings.
*We had to make an unexpected trip to America for Chase’s mom. She got super sick and was in ICU for a week and we weren’t sure how she was going to do- Praise the Lord she is improving, is at home and slowly recovering. We are thankful that we were able to come home to be here with family during this time. All that to say, Liddy made her 3rd international flight! She actually did pretty good considering we traveled for 29 1/2 hours from our doorstep to Dallas. The first flight she had her own seat and slept great. The second (10 hour flight) she slept in my arms for an hour and in Chase’s for almost 3! And did pretty good… got fussy some, but overall we were proud of her. And Chase and I both got to watch 2 movies- which I would say is pretty good with a 10 month old…. we will see how she does when we return…
*Her personality is showing through more and more. She is fun, spunky, busy, busy, lovable, and a sweetheart. She loves people and gets energy from being around them.
*She loves her daddy- and is constantly laughing at him.
*She started picking up her sippy cup herself and drinking- such a big girl.
*She is ALL over the place- does not stop moving. Our most difficult time of the day is changing diapers and getting dressed- she wears me out, but is so fun!
*She is still loving me more than anyone and still has a little separation anxiety that started at 9 months.
*She continues to love her pacci. Which is great for us when she is fussy or sleepy.
*We pulled out her “walker toy” this month and she loves it and is a champ at walking with it. I keep thinking any day she will take her first steps, but she loves to crawl and is satisfied with that for now.
*”baby-proofing” became a must this month and she continues to show me things I need to keep out of reach from her.
*We took her bowling for the first time this month to celebrate JoJo’s birthday! She did so great and had fun standing by the balls and feeling the air blow in her face. She even “bowled” with Chase and got super excited after the pins got knocked down.
*She wore her first bikini this month and of course look adorable in it! Her daddy better watch out! I have also discovered that she has my same skin tone and already gets a little tan when she is in the pool!
*At 10 months and 2 weeks she weighed 15 lbs 5 oz with clothes on! She is a tiny little things, as her cousin, who is a month younger weighs 20 lbs! 🙂
Liddy Bug, 
We love you more and more each day! Thankful to be your parents. What a fun, crazy month it has been. You continue to amaze us in how fast you are growing and learning. You are one busy girl who keeps us on our toes already, but we are loving it. Thanks for being easy to love and care for. 
love, momma & daddy 
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    1. The Kowals says:


      I got your email about Chase’s mom and was so worried I am so thankful she is recovering and that y’all were able to come home to be with his family. Lydia is too cute and can you remember waiting for her to come out of your belly?! It seems so long ago doesn’t it… I can’t believe she is only 15 lbs too! Liam will be 5 months old in less than 2 weeks and he weighs 17 lbs, haha. Miss you guys and we think about you often. All our love,
      A, B, C & L