Here and Now

I thought it was time to do a little family life update on this…

As I sit here thinking about what to write I am worn out thinking about all that has happened in the past year. I have had a hard time deciding how to put “on paper” what all has happened, explain how we are doing and share what is next. Hopefully by the end of this it will make sense and give a sufficient update for you all (sorry if it doesn’t! I’m still processing and working through things in my heard/heart).

A year ago, we were in America visiting our friends and family and introducing Lydia to everyone for the first time. What a joyous time that was to get to spend her first Christmas with family. We were returning to Oman with an unknown future concerning where we would be living, what business the government would allow us to pursue (we had attempted two business ventures that both came to a hault due to government regulations) and what the next years of our time overseas would look like. It was a difficult season for us. However, by the spring the Lord had made it clear where we would be moving, what business we would be pursing, and even what house we would be living in! What a praise and blessing it was. By May we started renting a new home and officially moved in by June. So May was filled with chasing a newly crawling baby and boxes…

Once we settled in, we finally felt like we were in the town we were supposed to be in, living in the neighborhood and amongst the neighbors we were supposed to be. We were loving where we were. For one of the first times I had a true peace and joy each time I stepped outside my door to visit neighbors and explore our new city. Chase and Drew were excited about their business venture (a soccer complex with a Brazilian coach starting up a soccer academy) and worked hard all summer long and through our second Ramadan (a much better one than our first) to get the necessary paper work and approvals from the government (not an easy task!)

In the beginning of August we got a call from Chase’s family that his mom was in the ICU and sedated, we did not know her condition or what the future held. After much prayer and council we decided to hop on a plane the next day to go be near the family and help out in any way we could. Chase had a business conference  at the beginning of October already planned so we decided to just stay till then, help with family and work on business capital raising state-side. Praise the Lord, Chase’s mom is doing much much better and is on the road to full recovery! Oh and during this time we also found out (by surprise!) that we were expecting our 2nd child!

Just a few days before we boarded the plane to head back to Oman we found out that Chase’s dad had been diagnosed with stage four NASH (a non-achoholic cirrhosis of the liver) and that the doctor had given his condition a 2-3 year life prognosis. As you can imagine this was very difficult information to take in and process just days before we were heading back over the ocean. We left knowing that we needed to return home, we just weren’t sure of when. We spent the next few weeks in Oman processing, crying, praying and seeking council about what to do. Our hearts did not want to leave and were breaking because we felt the Lord calling us back. However, we also had a peace knowing that we wanted to spend as much time with Chase’s dad as possible.

The beginning of November we got another bad news phone call from the family saying that his dad’s condition had progressed even further than they had hoped and that there was an 85% chance that he would not make it another year… Since Christmas was just a month away we decided (after much prayer) that we should try and return before Christmas to be with him during this time. So the day after Thanksgiving we starting the packing, selling, and throwing out process. We had three weeks to pack up our lives over the past three year into 50 lbs suite cases and say good-byes. Whew- what a process that was. I didn’t think it would happen, but it did! We currently have 12 trunks waiting to be brought over the next 4 months (thank you to all those that are lugging them across the ocean for us)

Since we have been back we spent the first weeks in Dallas, then a week in Oklahoma and again in Dallas. Now we are in Albuquerque with my family where we are settling in and going to have Chloe. We decided to stay here until the baby is born for several reasons:

  1. we have an established doctor here (and my sister is an L&D nurse at the hospital we will deliver at- major perk!)
  2. we have a free place to live with lots of room (my mom’s house)
  3. we have extra help as we transition back and prepare for baby #2
  4. we felt this was the best place for us to work through the past year and what the Lord is leading us to next.

During this time Chase is continuing to work with Drew in Oman on capital raising and networking, along with business planning and writing. He will also be researching information about liver transplants and transplant centers for his dad as well as applying for jobs in the DFW area. He will be all over the place between here, Lubbock and Dallas meeting with people and hopefully interviewing.

At the beginning of the summer we hope to relocate to the DFW area with a house (or apartment) and a job. We felt this was the best location for us to be in order to help serve, spend time with and care for Chase’s family during this time. We desire to continue to work with international students and help them feel at home here. We hope to stay connected to whats happening in the AP. We hope that Chase’s dad is able to receive a new liver, and finds healing. We want to enjoy being near family and friends. We hope to find healing as we mourn leaving our lives overseas. We want and hope Romans 8 is true. In fact we trust it. At least we are trying to.

Thank you for walking this journey with us. We love and appreciate all of you.

our last morning living on the beach

Thank you for your thoughts and prayers. We’ll keep you updated on how things go. Thanks for being on this journey with us.

last pic in front of our home

a fun last evening in Dubai with our besties… miss these two already 

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    2 Responses to Here and Now

    1. Georgia says:

      I am so so sorry… you are in our hearts. I know it will work out but man.. the road to get there is hard. Let’s get together when you’re in town.

    2. Liz McQ says:

      You’re missed A LOT! Know that our family is thinking of you guys as you transition back and prepare to become a family of 4. Love your honesty and the way you shared your heart through this post. Just know that you’re loved and missed! Give that sweet Liddy Bug a squeeze for us!