2, 3, & 4 months of Chloe

Our baby girl is growing fast and I haven’t had much time to update and post pics of her. And now that she is already 4 months I decided I should post a few from 2, 3 & 4 months! (I want to have it for my records & for her to see them one day as well!… poor second child! ha)

Weight: 9 lbs 8 oz (10%) (almost one pound smaller than Liddy at 2 months! and I thought she was tiny)

Height: 22 1/2 in (50%)

Clothes: She was still wearing newborn and some 0-3 month stuff. And was in newborn diapers still at 2 months. I have loved seeing her in all of Lydia’s old outfits- seems like yesterday that Liddy wore them!

Month 3 she moved up to size 1 diapers and started wearing 0-3 month and 3 month clothes. She pretty much stopped wearing headbands and just wears bows! She has so much hair… it just keeps getting longer and thicker. She has crazy cowlicks– I am going to have fun trying to fix her hair once it gets longer!

Sleep: She had started sleeping through the night during month two! What a glorious day that was. We are quite spoiled with a good sleeper. She still slept on and off most of the day with probably 4-5 naps during the day in between feeds, but was defiantly having more awake periods.

She started to discover her hanging toys in her swing and floor mat. Around 3 months she started reaching for them and “talking” to them. Often times I think she is upset because she is so loud when she “talks” but when I check on her she is smiling, kicking her legs and waving her arms. She moves so much less than Liddy did, but talks a whole lot more.

Towards the end of month 3 and all of month 4 she has been waking up again at night!! I am hoping it is just a phase that doesn’t last forever. I haven’t really tried much to change it yet, but all I know is she isn’t near as good of a sleeper as she was! Even naps are between 30 min- an hour. Sometimes I will get a 2 hour stretch from her. She is forced to nap on the go more often than not because Lydia and I want to get out of the house. So lots of her morning naps happen in the car, stroller or in the carrier 🙂

We painted her toes for the first time in month 3 and Liddy loves having matching toes with her sis. Lydia also always makes sure Chlo has a bow in hair too! I love seeing them interact- it is just so sweet.

There is lots of this that goes on around here. Lately Lydia intentionally goes and plays with Chloe, tickles her toes or her belly, kisses her, waves toys in her face… which sometimes turns into tears for both girls- Liddy doesn’t like it when Chloe cries!

I love dressing the girls in matching outfits… yes I am “one of those moms” esp while they will still let me 🙂

Chloe celebrated her first 4th of July! We went as our little family of four to the square in downtown Denton for a parade, which Chloe slept through in the carrier. Then we went to brunch at a new place we now love, came home and made 4th of July crafts and took naps. Then we headed to Nanny and Papas house for swimming, BBQ and fireworks! It was a fun filled day after daddy’s first week at his new job!

And of course both girls had two adorable outfits for the day, so we had to do a wardrobe change 🙂

This pose was all Liddy’s idea!

Chloe has always loved bath time. She loves the warm water and has started kicking and splashing while big sis is in the tub with her. When we wash her hair it lays flat but as soon as it dries it sticks straight up!

Working on tummy time. Depends on the day and moment if she likes it. She like it a lot more in the beginning, but lately not so much.

Chloe loves to giggle when we talk to her, tickle her chin, her belly, play “patty cake” or “how bigs the baby” with her. She has such a sweet little spirit.

She has started the teething process this month… lots of drooling, finger biting, and more fussy. Poor girl. I am not a fan of teething! I know that every momma hates this stage… its amazing once they are past it (even though I know Liddy’s 2 year old molars are just around the corner) you forget how annoying it is for them. Her fussy-ness and more neediness has really shown how impatient I am! I have had to ask for lots of grace and forgiveness lately as I get more impatient with her…. it is pretty sad because looking back she is still way less needy and less fussy then Liddy ever was, but I have gotten spoiled/used to her being so chill that when she isn’t it throws me off!

we go to the dr. on August 19– so I will update this then! I know she has grown though cuz I am super sore at the end of each day, but she is still a little peanut, but has super chunky legs… I l.o.v.e. baby rolls!

Height: 24 inches 35% (same as Lydia at 4 months)

Weight: 12 lbs 8 oz – 23% (Lydia was 12 lbs. 14 oz)

Getting better at tummy time! And we rolled over from tummy to back on August 2 and on August 11 she went from back to tummy! And discovered her toes on the 9th! Lots of firsts coming up.

I call her “angel baby” because she truly is a little angel baby.

We have gone swimming at Nanny and Papas twice and once at a tot pool with slides and water fun in Flower Mound with all the cousins last week. She was a perfect baby while we were there- not a peep… even in the sun and heat!

Daddy’s fingers taste so good!

And so do hers… this is what she looks like most days 🙂

So big sitting up in her Bumbo chair! She has really gone from a newborn to a baby in the past month… makes my heart a little sad, but am loving watching her grow. She is still so snuggly and loves to be rocked and held better than anything. She also like to face out now and see the world. Her fav position is to lay against my legs facing me while my knees are up…. this way we can talk, play and giggle together.

New sister activity… tickling toes during breakfast!

She has started blowing bubbles and gurgling! I think we will have a talker on our hands! And we are in trouble again with those eyes and that smile.

Well, I better go both girls are up from their naps and needing me… after a week of trying to get this post done I wanted to finish it!

Chloe Jane– Chlo Chlo… 

We love you oh so much. Thank you for teaching us how much we could love someone, for growing my faith and patience. You are truly a gift and we are truly a gift from God. I am going to go pick you up now 😉 

Momma & Daddy




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    1. Georgia says:

      Oh my I just love her! She is so sweet and her hair is amazing. Maybe we can meet up the next time we head east or you come west! 🙂

    2. Patty says:

      I feel like I know her. Thanks for the picture. Your girls are beautiful. Can’t wait to meet baby girl Schuelke.