plane tickets. check.

It seems like we have lots of lists sitting around our house lately, but not very many checks by completed items. Do you ever feel this way?

However yesterday we got to make a BIG check mark next to book plane tickets!! We finally did it- we are officially headed to the desert on Sunday, January 16, 2011 and will arrive in country on Monday, January 17! I can’t believe it is actually happening. It feels serial. We are thankful for all that has happened to bring us to this point.

Now we just need to get a few more things checked off so we can actually board the plane that day!

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    2 Responses to plane tickets. check.

    1. Leanne DeRemer says:

      Doesn’t it feel just so strange knowing that you have a one-way ticket to a place you barely know (but soon will know very well). Congrats, that is so exciting!

    2. Eric Johnson says:

      I love you guys, I am excited for you two!