month of onions

Today in our culture lecture at school we were talking about the difference between “stress” and “pressure” and what it means to have culture stress or strain… I found it ironic since I just posted this last night. Turns out (which I already knew, but always nice to have it confirmed) that I am normal! Also, I learned that this stage in Arabic is called, “the month of onions”… First you have the honeymoon stage (month of honey) and then the onions– makes sense to me!

I can also see that after time the onion stage can bring great flavor to life, just like they do in food.

Just thought I would share this fun fact with you. Love how God has great timing for all things.

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    2 Responses to month of onions

    1. Hannah says:

      Aaahh, the month of onions, I see. The rough times, as well as the fun, are what make life dynamic and rich –full of flavor like you said. Great insight, thank you for sharing :)! Love you guys!

    2. Amanda Kowal says:


      Chris and I have been thinking and missing you guys. We still need to do dinner 🙂 anyhow; I didn’t know the best way to contact you so I searched my emails and found your blog. We hope you’re well and email us from the email you use. (

      with love,

      amanda & chris kowal