September 2- September 12

September 2: Girls day in Dubai to see this sweet friend during her travels back to America!

September 3: Hanging out at a new stand-alone Starbucks (all the rest are inside malls) “on the other side” after a my first hair cut in the ME and before our last birthing class

September 4: nursery in progress…

September 5: Happy 4th Birthday Sayla Grace! I still remember the day you were born…

September 6: another great party thrown by Jord: Sayla’s puppy party!

September 7: lots of little PINK laundry to do!

September 8: My new favorite morning spot- the rocker in Lydia’s room.. can’t wait to be holding a baby in this chair…

September 9: Thank you cards from my button shower

September 10: Getting our freezer ready!

September 11: Lydia’s future b.f.f…. or boyfriend- whichever 🙂

September 12: Had been wanting chocolate chip cookies all day… finally decided to make some at 10:30 pm! they were worth it! 

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