Cute as a Button

A few weeks ago my friends threw me an adorable “Cute as a Button” baby shower! Lydia and I felt so blessed and loved by all the hard work, friends that showed up and the gifts she was showered with. What a blessing it is to have great community out here- super helpful since we live so far away from our fiends & family back home.

Now for some pictures of the shower! (all picture & creative credit goes to Jord)

The food table- which included “button” mushrooms stuffed with yummy stuff (not exactly sure what), chicken salad & egg salad sandwiches made to look like buttons, veggie buttons, fruit skewers with button tops, Oreos dipped in chocolate & decorated like buttons…

Traci made a delicious apple cinnamon cake and Jord made homemade petifores for dessert

Fruit Sangria iced tea served in mason jars decorated with buttons (one of my favorite details!)

My lovely hostesses! Love you girls!

One of my Arabic teachers came- my old (in my heart the are still my neighbors) neighbors came as well, it was so fun to see how excited they were to come to a baby shower.. they had never been to such a thing! They thought it was a great idea and want one for their next babies!

Fun fact: We are both named Brittany and both due with girls within 11 days of each other! Can’t wait for our girls to be friends!

Jord has been God’s grace to me this pregnancy… being so far from family during my first pregnancy hasn’t been easy or fun, but having Jord here makes it not only better, but great! She has been supportive and excited through every step, my personal photographer, a listening ear, great advice giver & shopping buddy, cooked me food I was craving, gave me a pedicure… I could go on. Thanks so much dear… now I just hope Lydia waits for you to get back here!

There was also a button jewelry making station! Now I have cute clips for Lydia to wear.

Button Sugar cookies for the favor!

Can’t wait to see our little baby girl… I know she will be “cute as a button“! (Ha I know I am a dork)

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    2 Responses to Cute as a Button

    1. roxanne says:

      adorable shower!! WOW! Well done…praying for you as you prepare to welcome yoru little girl!

    2. Mom W says:

      Great pictures! Such a cute shower idea. It’s been so hard being so far away from you…especially during your pregnancy, but I’m so thankful that Jordan has been there for you!! Thank you Jordan for taking such great care of my girl :)!