September 13- September 23

September 13: making hair bows for Lydia!

September 14: Breakfast with one of my local friends: beans, tortillas & tea!

September 15: Matzos (unleavened bread) with butter… I grew up eating this stuff… I know it is strange, but it tastes like home!

September 16: our bags are packed for the hospital… can’t wait to use them!

September 17: last date night with my baby daddy before Lydia comes… Chinese food & flowers- love him! 

September 18: Chili’s for lunch after a great doctor’s appointment!

September 19: it rained!! Chase thought Lydia would come this day since it rained on our first best day of our lives…. but Lydia had other plans 🙂

September 20: my mom is here!!

September 21: pedicure + Starbucks coconut tea + window shopping with my mom & hubby in Dubai = perfect day

September 22: hospital survival kit from nurse/Auntie Aubs! so thoughtful & practical…stuff I would have never thought of- thanks sis!

September 23: Frist local visit complete with dates & Omani coffee with mom- so fun to share our everyday life out here with her

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    One Response to September 13- September 23

    1. Hannah says:

      aaaahhhhh! i can’t wait to see miss Lydia!!!!!