40 + weeks!!

As I am writing this post I am 40 weeks + 3 days… not too bad, just ready and excited to meet our mcnugget. We have been enjoying these last few days of just us… almost finished with Parenthood season 3, Lydia’s room is ready to go (I have a post started to share pictures of her adorable nursery soon), laundry is caught up and dishes are clean (thanks to Gramzi), so we are just waiting and praising the Lord for His goodness. I hope the next post with chalk boards is us holding our baby girl!

How far along? 40 weeks- due date was Thursday, September 27…

Total weight gain: 20 lbs

Maternity clothes? Yes… I have only a few that really fit me anymore! Too late to buy anymore!

Stretch marks? Nope

Sleep: sleeping pretty good.. have been going to bed with some contractions and cramping and thinking they might keep me up, but then I wake up in the morning still preggo… one of these nights they will keep going 🙂 Thankful for good sleep though!

Best moment this week: Having my mom here… it is so fun that she has gotten to see me pregnant and feel Lydia kick from my belly! Thankful Liddy waited for her.

Miss Anything? my pre-pregnancy clothes… looking forward to wearing them again soon (ish- maybe?)

Movement: yes, super thankful for that… ready to see her move on the outside

Food cravings: nothing particular lately… Chase has made two batches of chocolate chip cookies this week though and those have tasted pretty darn good.. he is getting to be quite the baker! (love him… the first batch he put baking powder in instead of baking soda… they were a little flat and sticky but still tasted awesome!)

Anything making you queasy or sick: not really…

Gender: girl!

Labor Signs: last time I was checked (Sunday night) I was 1 cm dilated (maybe 2 if it was stretched), cervix was back and long… but I have been having more consistent contractions today/this evening… so we will see! Its probably nothing, but you never know?

Symptoms: achy lower back, cramping/contractions, sore hips, sharp pains…

Belly Button in or out? OUT!

Wedding rings on or off? On

Happy or Moody most of the time: Happy! But ready to meet our little girl!

Looking forward to: Holding and kissing and seeing our baby girl on the outside! I can’t wait to see Chase as a dad… it warms my heart just thinking about it! He is going to be great!

It’s super fun that Lydia is going to be an October baby just like her daddy, Aunt Brooke and Uncle Knate! Chase always thought she was going to be an October girl… looks like he was right!

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    1. Georgia says:

      So excited for you!! She’ll be here before we know it!