wishing it would be fall…

It has continued to be in the upper 80s-mid-90s here in the LBK. We are about to move somewhere that stays pretty warm all year long (70s in the winter) and REALLY hot in the summer (130 degrees!). Therefore, I would love it if we could enjoy some cooler weather here until we go. For now, I guess I just get to enjoy our house decorated for fall and the beautiful flowers from Chase (pictured above)

I love fall for that following reasons:

  • the smells… pumpkin, cinnamon, mulled spices, fire pits, etc
  • the weather…
  • the clothes… I love wearing long sleeves & scarfs
  • college football… tech is 0-2 so far with a BIG game against UT this weekend!
  • thanksgiving… the food & time with family
  • drinks at starbucks… pumpkin spice lattes, caramel apple spice cider
  • hot chai tea sounds attractive… one of my favorite drinks
  • that you don’t have to use the AC or the heater… therefore you have cheaper electric bills!
  • the colors… browns, reds, oranges, yellows… what my house is decorated in year round

Hope you all are enjoying your “fall” so far! We have only 3 weeks left in Lubbock till we are on the road for a while… which has made my heart sad lately. I am trying to trust in the Lord and His soverignty and perfect timing.

Look for a post on “Things we want to do in Lubbock before we Leave” ¬†soon!

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    One Response to fall

    1. Leanne DeRemer says:

      I would recommend bring some seasonly scented candles with you when you move. Like pumpkin for the fall and pine for the winter. It helps with the seasonal depression that you might get. Our bodies are ancitipating the cooler weather, but we walk outside and it is as hot as ever. Just some thoughts…