Do you remember the movie liar liar? There’s a line in the movie where Jim Carey is talking about his ex-wife’s boyfriend (to his wife):

Jim Carey: “…he’s just soooo…”

Wife: “…magoo..?”

When I heard that, I was in total bewilderment. What does that even mean?

But, it never fails, someone whips the phrase out when they learn my name with a chuckle as if it is something that I naturally identify with. Huh? Are you comparing me to an old cartoon man? Did you see a cane in my hand? Do I look like I am all bent over from a bad scoliosis episode?

Maybe there are some similarities though. Besides that fact that we pronounce our names similarly, us McGough’s do tend to get ourselves into some interesting situations. AND somehow things happen to work out.

There are some other characteristics. We have a high aptitude for saying the wrong thing at the wrong time. For example, my lovely wife (who is developing the family trait quite well after two years of marriage) pointed at a stain on my shirt after our 2 year anniversary dinner and said, “Aww babe,…your such a mistake (messy).” Thanks, babe. Love you too.

I, on other hand, am much more natural. My intentions are more thought through. I once gave a pump up speech to my high school football team during half time. We were losing 56-0 at the half to Southlake Carrol. In my speech, I compared us to the Alamo, and that the historical Gold Smith Stadium was our Alamo. Crickets. It did not have the effect that I had envisioned in my head. Whenever I am home, my friends tell me to “remember the Alamo.” Awesome.

So, this is us. We are loud. We say and do quirky things. We drool (me), we are clumsy, we lose EVERYTHING, drop EVERYTHING, can get lost in our own house, are sometimes confused between dreams and reality (Britt), and are completely jovial/unaware in the whole process. This is who we are.

Moving overseas should be interesting.

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    3 Responses to So……

    1. Glenda McGough says:

      Chase, I am laughing so very hard….tears are rolling!!!! You hit the nail on the head! We are so clueless sometimes. AND, when we take that step off the edge of the building with blinded sight, there is always something there to catch us and get us safely to the ground ( it sure helps to have all those Angel’s Wings stirring up the air though ). Sorry, Britt, that step you took two years ago was bigger than you thought it would be…..for better or worse, right?!! Still laughing!!!

    2. Cecil McGough says:

      Who is Mr. Alamo?

    3. Mom: Yes, we are one funky bunch. Thanks.
      Dad: I have no idea what you are talking about. I love you. Your comment was very McGough-like.

      Speaking of the Alamo, remember my Davie Crocket hat? Oh the good ‘ole days…