Liddy’s Ladybug Party

Lydia got quite spoiled while we were in the states with parties for her 1st birthday. This was the first of three she had! It was on September 7th (so a month early) in Albuquerque at Gramzi and Jaju’s house.  What a blessing it was to get to celebrate her first birthday in the states with friends and family.

My mom and sisters were a HUGE help with this party. I had so many ideas and things I wanted to do, however, being in first trimester loveliness (exhausted and nauseous all.the.time.) I wouldn’t have had the energy or will power to pull it off with them. So thanks guys for all your help!

We made cupcakes for the guests and of course Liddy had her first vanilla smash cake! I had fun decorating my first cake for my baby girl… looking forward to many more over the years for her. We also had root beer/coke floats, which were a huge hit.

We did a “build your own pizza bar” (got the idea from my friend Jord when she did it for her daughter’s 3rd birthday and husband’s 30th birthday party). Brooke picked up yummy gyro bread from one of our favorite Arab restaurants in Lubbock (thanks again!) for the base, then we had all sorts of toppings (pepperoni, ham, green chile, mozzarella cheese, pineapple, feta cheese, etc.), then the guests took them outside to the grill for Chase to cook up for them. This was a huge hit! We had zero leftovers!

Uncle Nate did a little mini photo session of Lydia on my mom’s red bench before the party! Love love the way they turned out!

Can’t believe our little bug is a year old!

Love spending time with these people!

Party guests

Progression of Lydia’s first kiss form Cooper Gilmore- too cute!!… yes his parents and us are working on their marriage contract as we speak- if our Arab friends do arranged marriages why can’t we?!

Happy Birthday sweet girl!

let the smash cake fun begin!

she really liked it, but needed to rest at the end!

How blessed are we to have this little girl in our life. She is so much fun and always keeps us on our toes! We had so much fun celebrating her first year of life with not only one party, but four! (and possibly one more-ha) We are grateful for all of you who celebrated with us and love our sweet girl.

We look forward to many more fun parties and years of celebrating you Liddy May! Mommy and daddy love you always and forever! 

*thanks Uncle Knate for helping take pictures at Liddy’s party- we love you!  (check out his facebook page- he is talented!)

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    2 Responses to Liddy’s Ladybug Party

    1. Shirley Isler says:

      Enjoyed the pictures. She is so adorable and so much fun to watch. Know she had fun on or near her birthday. Congratulations on the new one coming. What an exciting time! Thanks for sharing.

    2. Lesley says:

      I love that you have their first smooch documented! Love you!!