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Showered with love

March 8th my mom and sister, Aubrey with the help of my mother-in-law, Glenda threw Chloe and I a gorgeous baby shower! We were so blessed and spoiled by everyone who came and all the gifts Chloe received!

The theme was owls with the colors pink, turquoise, green and gray. All colors matching the quilt my mom made for Chloe. It was so cute with such fun details. We made sugar cookies for the favor and there was a diaper raffle- if the guests brought a package of diapers then their name got entered into a drawing for a fun prize!

The food included lots of my favorite things: tomato basil bruschetta, chocolate covered pretzels, fresh fruit with a yummy pineapple cream cheese fruit dip, green chile pin wheels, cupcakes and raspberry sherbet punch, and decaf coffee with whip cream!

It was fun to get to see everyone pregnant this time! For Lydia I was thrown a sip and see after she was already out- so no one got to see me preggo ūüôā

Of course Lydia made an appearance and was a hit! She loved “helping” me open all the gifts and she even got a few gifts of her own. (notice her pouring her new baby bottle into her milk cup)


My girls with two out of their three wonderful grandmas… we are so blessed by these two!


Auntie Aubs! (we missed you Auntie Brooke)

Am so thankful that I get to be these girl’s momma! What a great task I have ahead of me to raise them and teach them to love the Lord and be women after His own heart. I pray that the Lord will go before me and prepare me to do this well. Can’t wait till I get to hold both of these sweeties in my arms.

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    Liddy’s Ladybug Party

    Lydia got quite spoiled while we were in the states with parties for her 1st birthday. This was the first of three she had! It was on September 7th (so a month early) in Albuquerque at Gramzi and Jaju’s house. ¬†What a blessing it was to get to celebrate her first birthday in the states with friends and family.

    My mom and sisters were a HUGE help with this party. I had so many ideas and things I wanted to do, however, being in first trimester loveliness¬†(exhausted and nauseous all.the.time.) I wouldn’t have had the energy or will power to pull it off with them. So thanks guys for all your help!

    We made cupcakes for the guests and of course Liddy had her first vanilla smash cake! I had fun decorating my first cake for my baby girl… looking forward to many more over the years for her. We also had root beer/coke floats, which were a huge hit.

    We did a “build your own pizza bar” (got the idea from my friend Jord when she did it for her daughter’s 3rd birthday and husband’s 30th birthday party). Brooke picked up yummy gyro bread from one of our favorite Arab restaurants in Lubbock (thanks again!) for the base, then we had all sorts of toppings (pepperoni, ham, green chile, mozzarella cheese, pineapple, feta cheese, etc.), then the guests took them outside to the grill for Chase to cook up for them. This was a huge hit! We had zero leftovers!

    Uncle Nate did a little mini photo session of Lydia on my mom’s red bench before the party! Love love the way they turned out!

    Can’t believe our little bug is a year old!

    Love spending time with these people!

    Party guests

    Progression of Lydia’s first kiss form Cooper Gilmore- too cute!!… yes his parents and us are working on their marriage contract as we speak- if our Arab friends¬†do arranged marriages why can’t we?!

    Happy Birthday sweet girl!

    let the smash cake fun begin!

    she really liked it, but needed to rest at the end!

    How blessed are we to have this little girl in our life. She is so much fun and always keeps us on our toes! We had so much fun celebrating her first year of life with not only one party, but four! (and possibly one more-ha) We are grateful for all of you who celebrated with us and love our sweet girl.

    We look forward to many more fun parties and years of celebrating you Liddy May! Mommy and daddy love you always and forever! 

    *thanks Uncle Knate for helping take pictures at Liddy’s party- we love you! ¬†(check out his facebook page- he is talented!)

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      Our little pumpkin

      We celebrated Lydia’s first Halloween at a fall festival at our friend’s house. It was a great party, with awesome weather & yummy fall snacks! Since the seasons pretty much all feel the same here (well there is really hott, hotter, hot, and then nice) it is nice to get together with fellow Americans (or westerners) and celebrate the seasons changing & holidays together. This year Lydia slept through the whole party, it will be fun next year to see her running around trying to keep up with the bigger kids.

      Lydia received 3 different Halloween outfits from Nanny & Gramzi-and of course she had to wear all of them! Thanks. Our little pumpkin turned 4 weeks on Halloween.

      A fall festival isn’t complete with face painting, games & carmel apples! I love fall.

      (above collage is from Jord)

      Lydia has lots of friends already! The little Tiger is just about 3 1/2 months older than her… can’t wait to see them play together. The pot-of-gold, rainbow, & Leprechaun (i.e., Sayla, Kead, & Evie) just love¬†holding Liddy & they are really good at it! I made decaf Pumpkin Spice crockpot lattes for the party (from pintrest) & they were delicious! Perfect fall drink.

      Happy Halloween & Fall to you all! Hope you had a great one complete with pumpkins, carmel apples & candy!

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        summer celebrations

        I have been up since 6:30 am (it is now 9:15) and I finally decided to stop fighting it and just get up and do something on my to do list– catching up on the blog…¬†

        It has been so fun having Jord here for almost a year now (hard to believe!) for many reasons, but one of my favs is throwing parties with her! She is so talented and has so many great ideas. I love getting to help plan, craft, decorate and cook for parties she is throwing. This summer we have had a several fun ones and have 4 coming up soon! (one of them being miss Lydia’s baby shower!)

        While Jord’s sister, Kirsti, was in town they threw me a SNAP Photography party for my birthday! It was originally supposed to be a 30th birthday dinner for Jord, but since Kirsti was here during my birthday Jord wanted to throw it for me instead- sweet friend (we will be doing her 30th birthday with a fall theme in September- only a few months late.. ha) Anyway, they went all out with the food, decor and a super fun photo booth. For more details on the food and decor check out their awesome blog.

        The photo booth was a huge hit- fun had by all!

        24 weeks!

        I am blessed with great friends- thanks for helping me celebrate my 26th year of life! (p.s. don’t ask what Jord and I were doing- we don’t know…?)

        The food table… there was all sorts of yummy “photo” themed food items like¬†Photatoes,¬†Snappy Cupcakes and¬†Photobomb Brownies

        4th of july Desert Bash…

        Since we don’t live in the USA, but still love our country and are proud to be Americans, we thought is only proper to throw a BIG party and invite all the Americans living in our town to celebrate the 4th. We had about 50 Americans at the Remke house…! We asked everyone to bring a side dish or dessert and since Americans love a good pot-luck BBQ we had plenty of delicious food, drinks and desserts.

        *I can only take credit for a few of these pics- my camera died right as the party was starting :(.. thanks Jord for sharing yours! 

        We worked on the decor for several weeks leading up to the 4th while watching Anne of Green Gables

        I made these pies! – thank you pintrest for the flag cherry pie idea:)

        For fireworks we did these massive candles that are actually used on indoor birthday cakes out here, confetti poppers for the kids, and diet coke with Mentos for “firework” rockets (I didn’t know this before, but if you put about 6 Mentos into a 2 liter diet coke bottle the coke shoots up about 8-10 feet!). These were great replacements for fireworks and made it really feel like the 4th!

        Always need a belly pic… 28 weeks!

        Also, a fun fact: as people were arriving for the party at 5:30 pm someone told us it was 120 degrees outside! How’s that for a HOTT 4th?!

        Happy (very late) 4th! Hope you all had fun celebrating yours! We hope to make this an annual tradition out here… helps make it not as hard to be away from home during holidays (all thats missing is family and our stateside friends)

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