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a 5, 6 & 7 month Chlo Chlo

Oh my goodness, here we are again, 3 months have passed and I haven’t posted about our sweet Chloe. I don’t want to forget all the little things she does and her sweet little personality. I have had so much fun looking back at Lydia’s blog posts and comparing the two and remembering how Liddy was at each stage that Chloe is at now.

Sleep:¬†Around the middle of her 5 month of life Chloe decided that sleep in the night was overrated ūüôā She started waking up anywhere from 1-4 times in the night!! This has lasted up until now (7 months), the past few nights (November) she has only been waking up once around 12;30 or 1 am and then early in the morning around 5:30 or 6 am. So, I would say we are getting there… We thought that maybe she was just hungry and needed to start eating more food. But that only seemed to help a little. We did quite a bit of traveling these months and so I think that threw her off to, with sharing a room with us and such. But, phew, it has been a tough few months… not getting a full nights sleep for 7 months get weary! And of course the nights she would maybe sleep a little better Lydia would have a bad dream or something and wake up! Chloe is still taking 2 naps a day one in the morning and then once usually with Lydia (at least 5 times a week I can get them down at the same time! woo who!) At 5 & part of 6 months she was still taking an evening nap for around 30 min to an hour. It worked out perfect because it was usually right when I needed to cook dinner ūüôā Thanks Chloe!

We have tried to let her “cry it out” a few times, but then we went to visit family and didn’t want her to wake everyone up and then she got sick… so we are hoping to get back on it once she is feeling better.

Food:¬†Chloe is a fast little nurser. Most of the time she nurses between 5- 10 min total! I often have wondered if she is getting enough, but she is growing, peeing, pooping and happy so I guess so! We gave her solids for the first time on October 6. We gave her oatmeal and she liked it! She has done much better with baby food than her sister did. So far we have tried: apples, pears, sweet potatoes, carrots, peas, prunes, green beans (her least favorite- at least the kind that I have made), bananas, avocado, and squash. I gave her a little yogurt on November 17 and she wasn’t a huge fan, but I am hoping after time she will like it…. that was a staple for Lydia. Poor second kid, we have had to feed Chloe a few times around midnight because she woke up super upset and we realized that we hadn’t fed her all day! But as of late we have been on a better routine and she eats when we eat. Lydia loves to ‘help’ me feed her and Chloe just get wide eyes and giggles at her. Chloe also loves puff snacks and she has had pancakes which she loves too!¬†

first bites of solid food

she loves to eat! 

She is still nursing every 2 to 3 hours during the day and we are trying to not nurse her in the middle of the night any more. (oh sleep training… you are not fun!)

She had her first bottle at the beginning of October. I had some milk that was frozen and still good at my mom’s and so when we were visiting so we decided to try it out! She did so goo with it and Chase loved feeding her. We have done several since then… wish I could give her more, but in order to get a bottle I have to pump in the middle of the night, so that’s not always easy to wake up for!

Travel:¬†We did quite a bit of travel the past few months. September 12 we went to West Texas for Landon’s 2nd birthday and Claire’s baby shower. Love that we are close enough now to get to be part of the small stuff. September 21 we drove to Oklahoma City for a few days to visit Boompa & Grandma and some cousins. Then me and the girls headed to Albuquerque with my dad and Linda. We flew to Arizona from there for my cousins wedding. Then Aubrey and I went back to Albuquerque for a week to hang out. We were supposed to have a week with Gramzi, but she ended up being in West Texas with Brooke for my niece’s birth! November 4th we went back to West Texas to finally meet my sweet baby niece, Claire! And Gramzi came to visit us for a week after that… so fun! Phew a buys few months. Chloe does great with travel, but woke up a lot more in the night- I think its because we are in the same room as her… who knows?!


*When you say Chloe’s name, she looks up at you and smiles really BIG. It brightens our day. Aubrey (my sister) said, she makes you feel so special when she smiles at you, but then you realize she smiles for everyone. She is one smiley girl.

*She loves her big sister… she watches everything she does, she giggles at her, smiles at her… can’t wait to see their friendship grow.

can’t wait to see these girls become best friends

*She is still really chill. However, if you leave her sitting for too long now she squeaks at you really loud.

*When she sits (she started sitting at the end of September) she looks up at you, smiles, and flaps her arms… super cute.

*She rolls all over the place, but also still is ok with staying in one place to play (complete opposite of her sister and this age).

*She has gotten up on her knees a few times and rocked back and forth, but don’t scoot yet, just rolling.

*She is the BEST smuggler there ever was. She is always putting her head on our shoulders and lets you just cuddle her as long as you want.

*She loves to be rocked to sleep and when you run your fingers through her hair.

*She fights falling asleep and cries/gets stiff for about a min or two and then relaxes after you hold her tight and falls asleep pretty quick.

*She makes spitting noises all the time.

*She loves her pacci, almost as much as her sister. She will now take it in and out of her mouth and look for it on the ground, grab it and put it in her mouth herself.

*She likes to be feed really fast.. no patience when it comes to waiting for her food.

*She likes to be held and in the same room as us.

*She smiles at Chase every time he walks into the room and comes home from work.

*She hated her carseat a lot, but is getting a little better. We moved her from her infant carseat in the middle of September because we were borrowing it from my sister and she needed it for my niece who was born on September 28 so we got her the next one up and so I think it has taken some time to get used to.

*She can put her pacci in by herself now… she is such a big girl!

first Halloween 2014

*Her favorite toys are: the baby Einstein music/radio toy, maracas from Lydia’s birthday party, the giraffe musical puzzle, the stackable music stars.

*She got sick for the first time in November… a bad cough, runny nose and congestion We went to the doctor and she gave her a nebulizer to help with the cough. It was so sad to see her sick, but she was still a happy sweet baby girl. At this appointment she weighed 14 1/2 lbs.

*Chloe’s nicknames: Chlo Chlo, Coco, Chloe bear, Angel baby, Chlo bow, Chloe Baloney

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    She’s here!!

    Our sweet baby girl Chloe Jane McGough was born on April 10th at 10:28 pm!

    I know I am a little late on announcing it on here, but things have been super busy with grandparents, aunts, cousins, and friends in town, baby snuggles, chasing a busy toddler, trying to catch up on sleep, and finally getting all the pics I have taken so far (there are lots… ) on my computer. So I apologize (even though I have posted a ton of pics on fb and instagram), but I assure you we have been enjoying Chloe to pieces and trying to soak up every moment of the sweet “newborn-ness” as possible- because it is over oh so quickly.

    We are overjoyed to have her as part of our family. She has been such a little blessing. She is SO chill. (just like her daddy) Sometimes when we have her in the swing we forget that she is even here because she just lays there quietly and hardly makes a peep. I know that she is only 9 days old and all of this could change any day, but we are enjoying it for now and praising Jesus for her health and sweet self.

    6 lbs. 4 oz, 19 inches and lots of dark hair!

    (she left the hospital and was 6 lbs and 3 days later had already gained an ounce! She is a great little nurser! I am sure she will be back up or if not past her birth weight at her 2 week check-up)

    There are parts of her that look a lot like Lydia, but at the same time she is her own little person (she actually looks a lot like me when I was born- my parents keep saying that it feels like they are looking at me when the hold her)

    Chase is head over heels for his girls. He is such a wonderful girl dad, I am so thankful for him and how he serves our family. We are 3 blessed girls.

    Our little family of four! Makes my heart happy. Praise the Lord whom all blessings flow.

    Lydia’s reaction to her baby sis could not have been any better… she was so gentle and sweet with her. She LOVES her already. She wants to hold her and kiss her and takes her baby dolls and wants to swaddle them, feed them, burp them and even lifted her shirt to nurse once! We haven’t seen a ton of behavioral differences since we brought Chloe home, however, Chase feels like she has been a little more testy with him and the past few days she has been pretty clingy to me. But overall, we have been blessed with a great big sister for Chloe… can’t wait to see them grow up together and become best of friends!

    When we came home from the hospital we were welcomed by all her grandparents (except grandma linda- we missed you!) and Auntie Aubrey! They had balloons and this welcome home sign hung up for us. It was fun to come home to a house full of family and much different than our experience with Lydia. We are thankful that we were able to share this special time with our family.

    Chloe –¬†fruitful grace and beauty¬†Jane-¬†gift from God; Jehovah has been gracious

    We chose Jane for her middle name because we feel like she is our little gift from God in this season of life. She was a surprise and came in the midst of lots of transition, but such a GREAT gift and we couldn’t be happier.¬†¬†Thank you for your prayers for my pregnancy, her healthy and her delivery.

    Hope to post her birth story soon! Until then I will be snuggling a newborn and chasing a toddler around ūüôā Thankful to be these girls momma.¬†

    “Behold, children are a heritage form the Lord, the fruit of the womb a reward. ”

    Psalm 127:3

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      38 weeks {5 days}

      We have had a crazy couple of weeks with miss Chloe Jane (yes we finally decided on a middle name!!). At our appointment last week (37 weeks) we saw a different doctor and when she was listening to her heartbeat it was lower than it should have been (112 and then went back up to 120 and 130… ) so she wanted us to go get a BPP (bio physical profile ultrasound test) just to make sure that everything was ok. During the test Chloe did great and her heart rate was back up in the 130s and 140s. Then they put me on the monitor for 30 min for an NST (non-stress test) to have a longer reading of her heart rate. During this time it looked great- she had lots of variability (Aubrey tells me this is a good thing and what they look for- when the heartbeat has accelerations), but at one point she had a slight deceleration (which could have been her sitting on the cord or something else), but turned out to be nothing to be concerned about. However, the on call doctor was relayed incorrect information about the readings and wanted us to come down to the hospital for a longer reading/testing, but luckily there was a mid-wife that came back after lunch that read the strip and heard the report and said that everything looked great and that it wasn’t necessary to go down for more testing that day (Aubs read the strip too and said the same thing- so thankful for her!). They compromised at me going in for twice weekly BPP’s and a growth scan up until she is born. It was such a long day with lots of emotions, but at the end of the day we were super thankful that everything checked out fine and has been great ever since. Even though it seemed like unnecessary worry and tests, I am glad that we got to check in on her and know for sure that she is doing good! Praise the Lord!

      On Thursday (yesterday) we had our second BPP for the week and as the ultrasound tech was looking for Chloe’s head she instead said, “Ummm, thats the baby’s bladder…” and I responded with, “What?!” because the position of her bladder was in the same spot that her head was in on Monday… she continued to move the wand up toward my ribs and said, “yup, there’s her head. This baby is breech!” I could not believe what I was hearing! I was in TOTAL shock. That little stinker had somehow turned herself around between Monday and Thursday and is now no where near the correct position for birth!! Everything else looked great though.

      So we went down to see my doctor afterward and discussed our options. We talked about doing a version to externally try to get her to flip around, going to a chiropractor or getting acupuncture. We decided that we didn’t want to force anything that could cause risk to Chloe (even if the risk is low), so we decided to go for praying (and maybe doing some fun gymnastic type moves at home) to get Chloe to flip on her own and if she doesn’t then we have a c-section scheduled for 9:30 am on Thursday, April 10th! If she happens to be head down that morning then we will induce and try to have her vaginally but if she is still breech we will get to have our sweet baby girl in our arms before lunch on Thursday!!!

      I have lots of mixed emotions about all of this. Mostly still in shock– didn’t think she could actually flip this late in the game esp when there is NO room left! Of course a c-section was not at all what I had in mind for this birth and so I am having to come to terms with it and all that it entails. It is a blessing that we are living with my mom and to have her help. I was really looking forward to laboring with my sister and getting to experience it again with Chase, but I know that it will be just as special and just as sweet when we get to hear her cry and hold her for the first time. I am thankful for a healthy baby and excited/nervous for next week! Chase keeps telling me that I love a plan and now I have one, so that’s a positive too!

      How far along? 38 weeks (5 days)

      Total weight gain:¬†I think I am up to 25 +/- lbs now! – just can’t seem to resist having dessert every night… !

      Maternity clothes? yup, and sick of them at this point

      Stretch marks? I found a couple :/

      Sleep: been sleeping pretty good except for potty breaks

      Best moment this week:¬†when Lydia kissed Chloe and gave her milk from her baby doll’s bottle… cannot wait to see her reaction to her baby sister! (hoping and praying she adjusts well…)

      Miss Anything? laying on my stomach and back- regular clothes

      Movement: apparently lots since she did a summersault to face the wrong way!

      Just saw this comment from last time… guess I spoke too soon!! We went to the doctor today and she is head down, back up and in perfect position for birth! Hoping she stays this way and just continues to move downward ūüôā

      Food cravings: steak, yogurt with fresh fruit, popsicles

      Anything making you queasy or sick: not really

      Gender: girl!!- this has been confirmed several times in the ultrasounds

      Labor Signs:¬†I was 1 cm and long yesterday… which now I hope I just stay the same since I can’t go into labor and have her breech anyway… still having Braxton Hicks daily thou.

      Symptoms: sore back, cramping, big belly!

      Belly Button in or out? out

      Wedding rings on or off? on

      Happy or Moody most of the time: happy and nervous about the c-section

      Looking forward to: kissing and holding Chloe on Thursday!!

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        Showered with love

        March 8th my mom and sister, Aubrey with the help of my mother-in-law, Glenda threw Chloe and I a gorgeous baby shower! We were so blessed and spoiled by everyone who came and all the gifts Chloe received!

        The theme was owls with the colors pink, turquoise, green and gray. All colors matching the quilt my mom made for Chloe. It was so cute with such fun details. We made sugar cookies for the favor and there was a diaper raffle- if the guests brought a package of diapers then their name got entered into a drawing for a fun prize!

        The food included lots of my favorite things: tomato basil bruschetta, chocolate covered pretzels, fresh fruit with a yummy pineapple cream cheese fruit dip, green chile pin wheels, cupcakes and raspberry sherbet punch, and decaf coffee with whip cream!

        It was fun to get to see everyone pregnant this time! For Lydia I was thrown a sip and see after she was already out- so no one got to see me preggo ūüôā

        Of course Lydia made an appearance and was a hit! She loved “helping” me open all the gifts and she even got a few gifts of her own. (notice her pouring her new baby bottle into her milk cup)


        My girls with two out of their three wonderful grandmas… we are so blessed by these two!


        Auntie Aubs! (we missed you Auntie Brooke)

        Am so thankful that I get to be these girl’s momma! What a great task I have ahead of me to raise them and teach them to love the Lord and be women after His own heart. I pray that the Lord will go before me and prepare me to do this well. Can’t wait till I get to hold both of these sweeties in my arms.

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          36 weeks {5 days}

          How far along? 36 weeks (5 days)

          Total weight gain:¬†I think I am up to 25 lbs now! – just can’t seem to resist having dessert every night… !

          At doctor toady my belly measured right at 36.5 cm! and her heart rate was around 130 bpm… so thankful for a healthy growing baby girl.

          Maternity clothes? yup, and yoga pants, a t-shirt and tennis shoes is my fav thing to wear these days!

          Stretch marks? I found a couple :/

          Sleep: depends on the night and how much I have to get up to pee!

          Best moment this week:¬†setting up Chloe’s “nursery” area in our room and getting lots done this week to prepare for her!

          Miss Anything? sitting and laying comfortably

          Movement: yes, pretty much every time she moves now I have to go to the bathroom! I can really see her body moving and changing sides when I look down at my belly now.

          We went to the doctor today and she is head down, back up and in perfect position for birth! Hoping she stays this way and just continues to move downward ūüôā

          Food cravings: salmon, sweets at night

          Anything making you queasy or sick:¬†just feel queasy randomly some days… not quite sure why…

          Gender: girl!!

          Labor Signs:¬†some! at 35 weeks I started having painful contractions (or Braxton hicks) with cramping and back aching… they would happen every 3-5 minutes but only last an hour… this has happened several more times in the past two weeks. I am hoping this is just getting my body ready and when they check me next week that something has happened… trying not to get my hopes up though (although I am pretty sure I will cry if I am at a 0- I have been way more uncomfortable and in pain with this one than Liddy- so hoping that means something!)

          Symptoms: sore back, cramping, lots of Braxton Hicks

          Belly Button in or out? out

          Wedding rings on or off? on

          Happy or Moody most of the time: happy and ready to meet my baby girl!

          Looking forward to:¬†these last few weeks with just Lydia and to meeting our sweet Chloe! Can’t wait to see what she looks like!!

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            baby bump pics of Chloe

            last Sunday we went to the park to try and get some belly pics before I felt too large and uncomfortable and before Chloe decides to make her debut ūüôā Unfortunately it was super windy and c.o.l.d. that day, but I still feel like my brother-in-law, Nate, and sister, Auburey were able to capture some fun pics (despite my wind blown hair- its all about the belly anyway right?) (oh and I am 34 weeks preggo in these)

            Here are a few of our favs…

            Lydia was more interested in eating teddy grams (our bribe to get her to sit still for pics- didn’t work much) and ¬†dancing/”singing” in the park than posing for the camera‚Ķ but what more can you ask for from a 17 month old?!

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              34 weeks!


              Chloe is the size of a cantaloupe this week! 

              ‚Ķ this pic shows my life these days ūüôā (attached to my hip)¬†

              How far along? 34 weeks (March 2)

              Total weight gain: I think like 19 ish?

              Maternity clothes? yup, but lots are starting to not fit anymore!

              Stretch marks? I found a couple :/

              Sleep: ok- started to wake up several times in the night this last week, plus I have been waking up around 7 am and can’t go back to sleep! :/

              Best moment this week:¬†taking maternity photos (even though it was cold, windy and our 17 month old was not so much into taking pics ūüôā ) ‚Ķ will post some soon!

              Oh and finding Girl Scouts selling cookies in front of Walgreens- yes, I had a very pregnant moment when I bought them- I was so excited and told them I had been looking for them everywhere & that baby was wanting thin mints! ha

              Miss Anything? being able to carry Lydia wherever, whenever without my back hurting!

              Movement: yes, esp. at night

              Food cravings: thin mints, graham crackers & milk (I have been have this as a bedtime snack everyday this week), and steak

              Anything making you queasy or sick: the thought of food because I am so full and I have no room sometimes makes me sick

              Gender: girl!!

              Labor Signs: Nope

              Symptoms: sore back, shortness of breath and achy body

              Belly Button in or out? out,

              Wedding rings on or off? on

              Happy or Moody most of the time: emotional, happy & in a nesting mood

              Looking forward to:¬†my baby shower this weekend and Chase’s parents come in town to visit!

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                31 weeks

                love seeing the red dashes… time is flying! 

                How far along? 31 weeks (on Feb. 9)

                Total weight gain: I think like 18 ish lbs?

                Maternity clothes?¬†yup and Chase’s shirts and sweatshirts- probably my favorite to wear right now

                Stretch marks? I found a couple :/

                Sleep: pretty good- just waking up once to go to the bathroom

                Best moment this week: I am honestly having a hard time remembering this past week- I have been without Chase so its been busy with Liddy, but I am loving all the rolls and jabs from miss Chloe

                Miss Anything? Lydia being able to snuggle close in my lap… I seem to have run out of room!

                Movement: she is more roll-y and every time I look down at my tummy it is in a different shape from her moving.

                Food cravings: chocolate, pizza, spicy food, fruit smoothies… all in small portions- I am getting so full so fast lately

                Anything making you queasy or sick: just from the 6 hour stomach bug I caught last week

                Gender: girl!!

                Labor Signs: Nope

                Symptoms: about 6:00 every night I am just worn out- achy back and shortness of breath. I have also had a lot more braxton hicks contractions lately

                Belly Button in or out? out, unless Chloe moves and she flattens out my belly button

                Wedding rings on or off? on

                Happy or Moody most of the time: emotional

                Looking forward to:¬†my baby shower in March that my mom and sister are throwing me and Chloe. And going to Florida for a conference with Chase (without Lydia – gonna be hard!) next week! (it will be kind of like a 2nd baby moon ūüôā )

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                  23 weeks…

                  How far along? 23 weeks (December 15)

                  Total weight gain:¬†haven’t had time to get on a scale! I guess I will just wait till after the holidays- going to enjoy some yummy food this year!

                  Maternity clothes? Yes! Need to buy some winter maternity clothes… it is cold here in America!

                  Stretch marks? Nope

                  Sleep: pretty good

                  Best moment this week: feeling Chloe kick and move more consistently- and Jord got to feel her too before we left!

                  Miss Anything? laying on my stomach and coffee at anytime of the day (still enjoying some decaf in the afternoons thou!)

                  Movement: Yes! She is not as active as Lydia but is consistent which this momma likes!

                  Food cravings:¬†nothing really just food ūüôā

                  Anything making you queasy or sick:¬†still can’t finish a meal without spitting out the last bite or two- guess this will last the whole pregnancy

                  Gender: girl!!

                  Labor Signs: Nope

                  Symptoms: lower back pain

                  Belly Button in or out? out!

                  Wedding rings on or off? on

                  Happy or Moody most of the time: Happy and tired (could be because of all the moving, packing and traveling- but I think it is a combo)

                  Looking forward to: my family seeing me pregnant in person, for them to feel Chole move and get to share in this time with our family now that we are back in the states….

                  yup we made it home yesterday afternoon! Will post more on this later… until then Merry Christmas Eve Eve!

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                    17 weeks and we are having a….

                    We had a doctor’s appointment last week and ended up having an ultrasound and finding out the sex of baby #2!! We were not expecting this at all, so it was pretty exciting. We decided to get either blue or pink donuts to share the news over skpye with our family and enjoy with our friends afterwards! (yes, there is a Dunkin’ Donuts in Muscat!)

                    the predictions..

                    my family waiting patiently 

                    … it’s a GRIL!!¬†

                    the remkes were there to enjoy some pink donuts with us!

                    Nanny and Papa are excited for their 4th granddaughter!

                    she is one loved little girl already!

                    How far along? 17 weeks

                    Total weight gain: 7-8 lbs.

                    Maternity clothes?¬†Yes and no… still able to wear lots of my tops, but lets be honesty maternity is much more comfy!

                    Stretch marks? Nope

                    Sleep:¬†sleeping better the past week! So thankful for this… was beginning to think I wasn’t going to sleep through the night ever again!

                    Best moment this week:¬†getting to see our little “mcpeanut” and know that SHE is doing GREAT! Yup, we also found out that we are having another GIRL!

                    Miss Anything? drinking coffee/tea in the afternoons

                    Movement:¬† a little bit… looking forward to more movement as the weeks progress

                    Food cravings: chocolate and spicy food

                    Anything making you queasy or sick:¬†feeling a lot better in this department ūüôā

                    Gender: a GRIL!

                    Labor Signs: Nope

                    Symptoms: tired

                    Belly Button in or out?¬†in, but starting to poke out… a lot sooner than last time!

                    Wedding rings on or off? on

                    Happy or Moody most of the time: still Happy, I love 2nd trimester! But I have started to worry if she is ok… I have to continually lay this before the Lord’s feet

                    Looking forward to: coming up with a name for our sweet baby girl! We have a few ideas that we are trying out! I will share with you soon.

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