She’s here!!

Our sweet baby girl Chloe Jane McGough was born on April 10th at 10:28 pm!

I know I am a little late on announcing it on here, but things have been super busy with grandparents, aunts, cousins, and friends in town, baby snuggles, chasing a busy toddler, trying to catch up on sleep, and finally getting all the pics I have taken so far (there are lots… ) on my computer. So I apologize (even though I have posted a ton of pics on fb and instagram), but I assure you we have been enjoying Chloe to pieces and trying to soak up every moment of the sweet “newborn-ness” as possible- because it is over oh so quickly.

We are overjoyed to have her as part of our family. She has been such a little blessing. She is SO chill. (just like her daddy) Sometimes when we have her in the swing we forget that she is even here because she just lays there quietly and hardly makes a peep. I know that she is only 9 days old and all of this could change any day, but we are enjoying it for now and praising Jesus for her health and sweet self.

6 lbs. 4 oz, 19 inches and lots of dark hair!

(she left the hospital and was 6 lbs and 3 days later had already gained an ounce! She is a great little nurser! I am sure she will be back up or if not past her birth weight at her 2 week check-up)

There are parts of her that look a lot like Lydia, but at the same time she is her own little person (she actually looks a lot like me when I was born- my parents keep saying that it feels like they are looking at me when the hold her)

Chase is head over heels for his girls. He is such a wonderful girl dad, I am so thankful for him and how he serves our family. We are 3 blessed girls.

Our little family of four! Makes my heart happy. Praise the Lord whom all blessings flow.

Lydia’s reaction to her baby sis could not have been any better… she was so gentle and sweet with her. She LOVES her already. She wants to hold her and kiss her and takes her baby dolls and wants to swaddle them, feed them, burp them and even lifted her shirt to nurse once! We haven’t seen a ton of behavioral differences since we brought Chloe home, however, Chase feels like she has been a little more testy with him and the past few days she has been pretty clingy to me. But overall, we have been blessed with a great big sister for Chloe… can’t wait to see them grow up together and become best of friends!

When we came home from the hospital we were welcomed by all her grandparents (except grandma linda- we missed you!) and Auntie Aubrey! They had balloons and this welcome home sign hung up for us. It was fun to come home to a house full of family and much different than our experience with Lydia. We are thankful that we were able to share this special time with our family.

Chloe – fruitful grace and beauty Jane- gift from God; Jehovah has been gracious

We chose Jane for her middle name because we feel like she is our little gift from God in this season of life. She was a surprise and came in the midst of lots of transition, but such a GREAT gift and we couldn’t be happier.  Thank you for your prayers for my pregnancy, her healthy and her delivery.

Hope to post her birth story soon! Until then I will be snuggling a newborn and chasing a toddler around 🙂 Thankful to be these girls momma. 

“Behold, children are a heritage form the Lord, the fruit of the womb a reward. ”

Psalm 127:3

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    2 Responses to She’s here!!

    1. Jan Deering says:

      You two make beautiful babies. Cogratulations…wishing you joy beyo words (and some sleep)/\. Much love, Jan

    2. Georgia says:

      She is sooo beautiful! Well done posting already! ;