Chloe at one month…errr 7 weeks.

6 lbs 8 oz at 2 weeks! 

about 9 lbs (I weighed her on my scale at home so not exact)

Can my baby already be over one month?! She is actually 7 weeks!! NO WAY! I can’t believe it. I know every mother says this, but really it just seems like time is flying. And I have a feeling it is just going to get faster as time goes on.

Chloe has been such a doll. We have been so spoiled blessed to have had such an easy first 6 weeks. We have forgotten at times that she is around. She is such a cuddle bear and loves to be snuggled, swaddled, and held close. I love love cuddling her and will often stay up later than I should just to hold her. She loves to sleep and lay on her belly against your chest-


Chloe is wearing newborn clothes and diapers still. I think in the next week she will start graduating to size 0-3 month. She mostly hangs out in pjs or onesies with pants and a bow headband. It is fun to see her wear things that Lydia used to wear, but also fun to dress her in new stuff! Her hair is adorable and what makes her her. It is so so soft, long and sticks straight up, even if you comb it down. I think it is getting longer and thicker already. She has some crazy cowlicks- which will be fun to tame one day!

Chloe’s little “nursery” area in our room at my mom’s house 


So far we have no routine and no patterns. She just sleeps a lot. The past few days/week she is starting to have more awake time though, which is fun! I want to try and start putting her in her crib for nap time and start establishing nap times so that once its just me and the girls I am not in big trouble (I am afraid I might me..), plus I think Liddy is craving/needing some time with just me with no baby sis in site. I will let you know how it goes next Chloe update post. At night she has mostly slept 3 1/2 – 4 hours with a surprise occasional 5- 7 hour stint (not very often though).

bath time! Her cord fell off on day 5, so she got to have a real bath pretty quick! We have to wash her hair often because it gets oily from all of us touching it so much 🙂 

matching sisters … there will be lots of this! 


My family says that Chloe looks just like me as a baby- same hair do, skin color and eyes. She has moments where she looks like Lydia, but mostly she is her own little self. She is a very chill baby and just goes with the flow. So far she has traveled to west Texas (Aunt Brookes and Lubbock), Angel Fire for her first family vacation, and Dallas where she helped us house hunt! She has traveled by car and plane and has done great with both. We said that we wanted Chloe to be a flexible traveler like her sister and so far she is! Hope we get to take her to Oman before she turns two. She loves being in my carrier, which helps free my hands to care for Liddy.

Mother’s Day in Angel Fire 

We have another pacci baby on our hands (at least for now!). Which of course can cause some problems with big sis as she wants to steal Chloe’s often, but she is sweet and also will bring me hers when she is crying.

She has started to coo and smile in the past few weeks. Oh so much fun to see and hear. It is such a joy to see her develop and start to grow her own little personality. I am amazed at how quickly the newborn- sleep all the time- phase ends, but thankful for each step.

just a few days old

We have be spoiled by having lots of hands helping us adjust to life with two babies under two. However, soon I will be by myself and we will go through another adjustment period…. I will let you know how that goes! So far life with two has been fun, exhausting, and such a joy. Lydia has been a lot more fussy, demanding and clinging with me lately. She is super sweet with Chloe, but just doesn’t like my attention to be divided… I know we will adjust and she will be fine, but some days it is tough when both girls want their momma at the same time. But I know this season is oh so short and so I am trying to soak it all up and not take anything too seriously.

Boompa & Grandma

Gramzi & Jaju

Papa & Nanny

I am spending most of my free time snuggling and loving on sweet Chloe when Liddy is sleeping or otherwise occupied… since I know from experience this time how quickly this phase passes. And at night when I think about editing pictures or posting on the blog I would rather snuggle my baby and watch Gray’s Anatomy (yes, I have started watching it on Netflix… its become my wind down/nursing show)

Thank you Jesus for my sweet baby girls!


Daddy and I love you so much and are so thankful to call you ours. You have made becoming parents of two so easy! Thank you for your sweet, chill spirit, your sweet smiles, and wonderful snuggles. We cherish you and love you SOOOO much. Welcome to our crazy family- there will be lots of dancing, laughs, and silliness! We pray that you would know Jesus loves you and that you would follow Him one day. 

love, momma & daddy 

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