welcome to the world!

Some of our best friends just had their third baby girl! We are beyond excited for them! Everyone is doing great and looking beautiful.

My heart is happy and yet sad that we were not there to help with their other two girls, there to hold sweet Evie when she got here, and there to bring Jord Chilis’! Yesterday was the first day where I felt like I was no where- I wasn’t here and I wasn’t there… I wanted to be there, but couldn’t…. I think I was attached to my computer all day (hate to admit that!).  I am doing better today- just joyful that Evie is healthy and praising the Lord for His goodness. We love you Drew & Jord and are so happy for you! You are going to be a perfect family of three precious girls! Can’t wait to do life with you guys again! Enjoy your time as a family of 5!

Evelyn Kate Remke was born on January 31st! She is 6 lbs 5 oz 18 inches- such a tiny bundle of cuteness!

Congrats friends! Oh also, love that it is starting to snow on her birthday! What a perfect way to end the day…

*pictures were taken by Brittany Strebeck– she is such a talented photographer! Thanks for sharing Britt!

we are off to Dubai to find a car and go to Global Village- we will let you know how it goes!

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    3 Responses to welcome to the world!

    1. Glenda McGough says:

      Precious baby girl! Enjoy your time in Dubai, be careful, stay safe. Am praying for the right car, right price, right now! Thanks for skypeing before you left. Love you both!

    2. jordan says:

      Oh Brit. I missed you so much yesterday too! We are so thankful for you guys and so grateful that our girls have aunt Britt and uncle Chase waiting for them!

      lets skype soon!

    3. paula eve says:

      hey.. i so hear your heart. i hate that feeling of being neither here nor there.
      oh and just to make you feel better about being attached to your computer .. totally normal… we got cable the first few months just to watch the Today show cause it helped ease the pain of homesickness.