venturing out

This afternoon a friend of our let us borrow his car so we could go exploring- it was just what we needed!  I was very proud of Chase because it was his first time to tackle  the round-a-bouts and drive a standard out here (Knate’s School of Driving paid off- thanks Knate!).

While we had the car we drove around town, took pictures, went to a store that had more than groceries in it– and my favorite part of the evening– we went to a textile souk. It was interesting to say the least. I wanted to buy one meter (or one yard) of fabric to do some more crafting and it took 5 men and two stores (since they each only spoke a little bit of english and we only speak even less Arabic) to try and explain what we were wanting… it was a great memory. I will show you what I do with the fabric once I do it.

For dinner I fixed taco soup- it turned out great! It was just missing green chiles… the New Mexican in me will always miss those. I am learning how to use what we can buy here & do it as cheaply as I can. So for the soup I used my first batch of dried beans, fresh tomatoes for diced canned tomatoes, left over chicken & homemade pitta chips!

off to bed…. it was a good day here in the desert.

p.s. we also met a few of our neighbors today- excited for these relationships to develop

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    5 Responses to venturing out

    1. Malinda says:

      Love it! It is so much fun to hear about all your new adventures! So amazed and proud of you two and your ability to adapt anywhere. Love you both!
      Mom W.

    2. Marcella says:

      I am so amazed by you guys! How wonderful! This is too much fun. Talk about faith! I can’t wait to here from you guys and watch you guys as you live your adventure.

    3. jordan says:

      looks like fun! For the green chiles I bought the local chiles (I am pretty sure you can get them in buraimi) and roasted them myself. They may not be in season, but be on the lookout. Not the exact same…but close. 🙂

      Hope you have a car soon so that you don’t feel so isolated.

    4. Margaret Starr Henderson says:

      I am so glad I remembered yal had this blog. I am glad everything is going well. It was fun to read about everything. Miss yal:)

      Oh ya, I took my first test for this semester and it went well so I’m officially of to a good start.

    5. paula eve says:

      hey you can get cans of green chilis at Choithrams and also at Carrefour… but Jordan is right they have fresh ones at all the grocery stores, sometimes they didnt have them due to the season… cant remember now when that season is. : ) love following your journey.