We had a great Easter considering it was our first holiday away from home, family & familiar…

I made sure we had some familiar things to eat…

Deviled eggs– notice the orange centers! The egg yokes here are more orange!

cupcakes with Easter egg toppers (thanks mom mcgoo for these!)

Quiche for breakfast with our friends…

I didn’t make these- my friend did, but don’t they look delicious?! Let me assure they were.

We also died some eggs with our friends kids- not sure if  I had more fun or the kids?! We also had dinner with our friends the night before Easter- we had burgers, veggies, deviled eggs, beans, chips… Chase was calling it a “4th of Easter” celebration- since we ate food more related to the 4th & the weather resembled July more than April 🙂

Easter morning at sunrise (yes we got up at 5 am!) we went to the desert with some friends to worship & read. It was such a gorgeous morning & refreshing for our souls..

We also watched The Passion on Friday (it was my first time to see it)- very moving. It is well with my soul. Thank you JC for your love & that you are alive!

What did you all do for Easter? We would love to hear about it.

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    One Response to Easter

    1. Mom W says:

      Love it!! So glad that you were able to have some of the “normal” traditions of Easter…as well as some new ones…like sunrise in the desert! So beautiful! That sunrise picture is amazing! I want a copy of that one…as well as many others that you have taken there. 🙂 So excited to see you soon…let the countdown begin!! 58 days!!
      Love you both!!

      Mom W.