“Helu-wat” (an Arabic transliteration of course..) means sweet ones- referring to a group of girls…

I am telling you this because I have started (well the last 3 weeks anyway) visiting a group of girls (helu-wat) at their work on Tuesday afternoons to work on my Arabic and build relationships. It has been a great experience so far. There are about 6-10 girls that come a sit & visit with me… most of them speak little to no English! So this can be a bit of a challenge at times. There is lots of laughing, silence, pointing, acting, etc… This week they even wanted me to teach them some ballet! I have a feeling they are going to want a weekly lesson. The girls are very patient with me and have encouraged me to visit them everyday! I can’t do that, but I have made it a goal to go at least once a week.

In June my friend and I are throwing one of the girls a bridal shower because she is getting married in July (I am sad because I will be in the states for the wedding…). We are going to try and show the girls what an American bridal shower is like- who knows we may even play a game or two!

Another thing that I enjoy about these visits is the “cappuccinos” the girls make when I come. I also try to bring some sort of dessert to share with them.

Here is a picture of one of the many plates of cookies I have made since we have been here. Never knew I would be baking cookies so often here! (good think I love to bake!)

p.s. I am sure most of you don’t care what this looks like, but I am sure the moms will appreciate it!

sorry for the glare! it is Saran wrap- they love this stuff here..

Hope to share more stores about my time with these girls in the coming weeks.

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    1. Mom W says:

      I love to hear about the friendships you are building over there…makes my heart happy to know that you are able to do that even through the language challenges! You are such a blessing to them, I’m sure! Those cookies look delicious….you were right…I love to see pictures of the food you make. haha

      Love you!