Back to school, back to school…

Yesterday we officially started our 2 semester of Arabic! Woo who! It has been great so far and we are enjoying knowing more than we knew last semester. We are so thankful to be back, to be speaking Arabic again, to be settling into a routine again, and to be moving forward.

I forgot to take first day and second day of school pictures… we will see if I remember tomorrow! Also, warning, it might be a little bit till we post any pics (hopefully sooner than later)- I have the huge task of looking through all my pics (I have over 12,000 on here now- I know crazy) to allow room for more- I have filled up my hard drive!

On a side note, we got broken into while we went on vacation to Amsterdam (more on this trip later- we had a wonderful time)! Even though it is super frustrating, kind of unsettling thinking about people being in our house & going through our stuff, and a pain, we are in good spirits. We have peace & are being reminded of where our treasure is…. Not in our stuff, but in Christ. And luckily they didn’t take my computer, our tv, or anything too big. Only DVDs, money, and some clothes). On a positive language learning note, Chase was able to explain to the police what happened in Arabic! I was proud of him.

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    2 Responses to Back to school, back to school…

    1. Bonnie says:

      its so great to hear that yall are so excited about your second semester of school. Thinking about yall everyday and miss yall so much!! i am always reading your posts 🙂 love yall!!!

    2. thanks Bonnie! love and miss you! Think about you lots! Hope you are doing well.